Save Water, Come Clean, Do the 2-Minute Rinse

Soap & Glory the makers of many lovely smelling beauty products and shower gels are getting ethical, and suggesting ways in which we can all save water whilst in the shower.

In a sustainability meeting last year specialists told the Soap & Glory guys that a problem we will all be facing in the near future is water shortage, and as a responsible company that sells a shed load of shower products they are trying to get people thinking about just how much water we waste when we wash, the main part of their program is the 2-minute rinse ™

  • leaving the  tap running  While you brush  your teeth Can Waste up to 6 litres o Water
  • Climate Change is estimated to reduce  the available Water  For london by over 100,000,000  litres a day by 2025
  • showers use  on average  9 litres of Water  Per minute.
  • Water use  (in the Western World)  has increased,  on average 70% since 1970
  • Two Thirds of the Water used  in a uk home is used   in the bathroom.(Yikes!)
  • the uk  Government  Wants People’s  Personal Consumption  to reduce From 150 litres to 130 litres

So the message is clear, were all guilty of wasting too much water, but with a little thought we could probably save loads, head over to the Soap & Glory facebook page for more tips and info on the the 2-minute rinse ™ and also your chance to win some awesome prizes just for uploading your own 2 minute rinse.


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