Celebrating British Science Week With The Boys

We’re huge Science buffs and we also enjoy passing on our knowledge and love of all things science to our children. My son Connor has always been fascinated with space, planets and maths from a very young age has been able to recite all the planets in order of distance from the sun. He can even tell you all about the dwarf planets and the different atmospheres. We were super excited to celebrate “British Science week” and we have been enjoying some super fun experiments too! take a look….


Letterbox Lab

First, we opened up our Letterbox Lab kit and we were super surprised to see such a great selection of different experiments. We started off with experiment 1: Invisible inks. The boys were so interested in finding the hidden colours in the inks on the chromatography paper and learning that inks are made up of different colours, not just the one we see. We also looked at how we could remove all the colouring from the skittles too.


Experiment 2: Rainbow Glasses. The boys couldn’t wait to try on these super cool glasses that turn every light into a rainbow. They had so much fun running around the house and garden saying how strange everything looks. We saved the other experiments for later in the week so be sure to check out our Instagram for updates! The boys give Letterbox Labs 10/10. Letterbox Labs offer monthly boxes for ages 6-12 HERE.


Awesome Anatomy

We moved on to explore the human body and all its vital organs. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the boys already knew quite a few of the organs but along with the handy booklet, they learnt a lot more about how our organs work. Connor noticed that the left lung is slightly smaller than the right lung to make room for the heart. They were both really interested and asked some really good questions too. You can find this awesome anatomy body at brightminds.co.uk


Mould & Paint Space Kit

Aron’s favourite science activity was the mould & paint space kit. He really enjoyed creating his own badges and fridge magnets and watching the mould set. After he pained all of his moulds, he covered them in the glow in the dark paint ready for bedtime. We also kept the mould tray to we could make some more another day.


Learning Resources Science Toys

Learning Resources has such a vast collection of science toys and activities and Connor’s face lit up when this bundle came in the post. He used the lab kit to collect bugs and look at them under the magnifying glass. He managed to find a worm, a beetle and even an earwig.


Connor and Aron were very interested to get a closer look at nature so we pulled out this epic microscope and had a hunt in the garden for things we could look at. Connor found some grass and Aron chose to get a closer look at some leaves. The boys were in awe at how different things look up close and spent a good hour looking for what else they could look at under the microscope.


Connor’s Absolute favourite are these clever binoculars that not only allow you to get a better look at nature, but you can even hear nature too with the built-in microphone. He now carries these everywhere we go so he can see and hear what creatures are around him. He’s super excited to take them into school for show and tell next week too!


Destroy This Book In The Name Of Science

Following the success of the Destroy this book: Einstein Edition, we now have this amazing activity-packed Galileo edition. Bursting with science experiments and fun puzzles. Perfect for inquisitive kids who love to learn. Pop-out and tear apart the pages and destroy this book! ( All in the name of science of course)


My Very Own Moon

Have your very own moon in your room. Not only does this epic moon give off a soft tranquil light, but with the remote control, it also mimics the moon phases. We have been using an app called “The Moon” for years to follow the phases of the moon and learn what each phase is called. I must admit before I started using the app, I did think it was simply full moon, half-moon, total eclipse. I blame the 90’s Jaffa cake advert (If you know, you know) The moon’s phases are actually below.

Moon Phases

We’re only on day 2 of British Science Week, and we have more interesting experiments coming up. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see what we get up to!

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