Occasions that require gift-giving come up all the time. You can buy presents for so many of them each year that you run out of ideas. The things you get end up having no meaning or just not being great gifts for the recipients. It’s easy to end up with no clue for what you should give someone when it feels like you’ve given them everything. Some occasions require an especially thoughtful gift, which can be a struggle to find. If you want something sentimental to give someone for a special occasion, there are a few ideas you can consider. Have a look at the suggestions below to see if any of them are appropriate.

Something Handmade

Too often, we go shopping and buy our loved ones something they would like. Although they might be thoughtful gifts, anyone can walk into a shop and make a purchase. If you want to give someone something special, think about making a present yourself. There are many forms your gift could take, from a candle to a cardigan. If you don’t have any craft skills, you can learn to make something. Lots of crafts are very easy for beginners to try, and everything you make will be unique. Put some thought into the things you make, instead of just giving random items away.


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Personalised Artwork

A lot of people love art to display in their home, whether it’s high art or something more accessible. Buying someone something that they will enjoy is a good idea. But you can also buy something more personal. For example, you can use a photo to sketch service to turn a favourite photo into a drawing. You can also order custom art of any subject that the person you want to gift will enjoy. It could be a picture of their family, pets or just their favourite film characters.

Poetry or Other Writing

If you have a way with words, you could gift people with your writing. It could be a poem, a story or even an essay about something they would enjoy. You can write them a letter, such as a love letter for Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t have any writing skills to speak of, you can commision someone else to write something for you. Many people write love poems and the like for people to give to their loved ones.

A Relationship Scrapbook

A record of your relationship with whoever you want to give a gift to could be amazing too. If you create a scrapbook documenting your friendship, it shows you’ve put lots of thought into it. You can include photos, ticket stubs from events you’ve attended, and more. You can use scrapbooking for other purposes too, like creating a family album. Personalise it with handwritten messages and add some decorative borders to make it look pretty.

If you want to give people unique gifts, think about how you can personalise it to them. They’ll appreciate a present more if they know you have put a lot of thought into it.


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