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| Monthly Favourites: SEPTEMBER 2017 | What have we been loving this month? ◦◦♡◦◦ | Twist & Spritz | Some girls love shoes, some...

| Monthly Favourites: SEPTEMBER 2017 |

What have we been loving this month?


| Twist & Spritz |

Some girls love shoes, some handbags, some makeup, and some chocolate. Me? I LOVE perfume! So for me, the Twist & Spritz atomiser is an everyday essential. I simply fill it with my perfume of choice, this month I have been in love with Misguided’s Babe Power, and pop it in my handbag. I no longer have to carry around full bottles and risk breaking them, or purchase smaller travel-friendly bottles of my faves.

The atomiser holds 8 ml of perfume, which is approximately 100 sprays and is refillable. This marble effect and rose gold design is my favourite, though there are other designs to choose from too! Not only do I save money, but I smell great and look stylish doing it.


| NAIR |

I am a huge fan of using hair removal cream. In fact, I am a huge fan of anything that requires less effort. Nair is always my hair removal cream of choice but I had never really branched out beyond that. This month though, I have been using the cleanse and shave cream range and I have really been enjoying them. They are super soft and gentle and leave my skin feeling soft too.


| LUSH |

Whilst I do enjoy the vast majority of LUSH products, every now and then I do find some stand-out products that are worth a mention. First of the Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel! OMG!! I am going, to be honest, I actually don’t use this much myself, but because I love it so much! Let me explain…

If I use a product on my own skin, I only really smell it whilst I am in the shower and eventually, I get used to the smell and no longer notice it. So I gave this to my boyfriend Phil, and every time I get close to him throughout the day I can enjoy the heavenly scent.

I also wanted to mention the Sugarplum fairy lip scrub. I have been using it all month and I love it.


| Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder |

I purchased this face powder after hearing so many beauty YouTubers rave about it, and I am so glad I did. Once you get passed the scent this powder is amazing. The scent reminds me of overly fragranced talcum powder, and I love the smell of talcum powder, but this… no!

Aside from that though, this powder sets my makeup really well, has no flashback, isn’t cakey, doesn’t wrinkle and is super soft. It’s just great, and really affordable too.


| Bath & Body Works Shower Gel |

I debated putting this item into this month’s fav’s because it is not something you can access easily in the UK. However, I have been loving it, and I have used it none stop over the past month or so, so I wanted to give it a mention.

I also have the candle in the same scent. If you plan on splashing out on Bath and Bodyworks, I highly recommend A Thousand Wishes!


| Elephant Incense Burners & Nag Champa |

I am a massive fan of collecting elephant ornaments, I have wooden ones, metal ones, ceramic ones and glass ones. I purchased two of these little elephant incense burners a while ago and gave one to my best friend. This month though, I purchased a second one for myself. As the Autumn nights have drawn in I have been enjoying lighting incense on an evening. Nag Champa is my favourite!


| Yankee Candle – Vibrant Saffron |

The Vibrant Saffron candle from the NEW fall in love range from Yankee Candle is incredible!!
Read more about it, and the entire range here.



| Heidi Bears Happypotamus |

I love to crochet! I have made many a Happypotamus before but during September I have made a start on Christmas presents. These two are the firsts, the blue and yellow one is for my boyfriend’s sister and the other for mine.

The Happypotamus pattern by Heidi Bears is one of my absolute favourites to make! So much fun! I think they look beautiful too.


| Time: The Kalief Browder Story |

I got sick during September and decided to have a Netflix and duvet day. I watched the entire season of The Kalief Browder Story in a day. The documentary recounts the story of Kalief Browder, a Bronx high school student who was imprisoned for three years, two of them in solitary confinement on Rikers Island without being convicted of a crime.

It is an incredibly touching and moving story. Highly recommended!


| Personalised Labels |

As I mentioned previously, I love to crochet and have already made a start on my Christmas presents. I decided to purchase some new labels and came across these little leather ones on Etsy. They are personalised to say “Handmade by Jade Lilly” and they are the cutest. I think I may actually purchase them again in a different colour.


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