Sesame Street TV: Season 1

Throughout the years Sesame Street has been featured in many video games, right back to the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System right up to last years “Once Upon A Monster”, which gave fans a whole new way to play with their beloved characters. Sesame Street TV: Season 1 continues down the Kinect route allowing a new dynamic not seen on Xbox before


The first thing to note about Sesame Street TV: Season 1 is that it isn’t really a game in the traditional sense of the word but more as the title suggests an interactive TV show. Anyone who has ever watched the show will know that characters will pop up and ask you to recite the alphabet or count to 10 etc, and then in a slightly wooden way they will congratulate your little ones be they right or wrong with their answers, which is where the Kinect comes in, allowing actual feedback based on their answers.


Sesame Street TV: Season 1 features 8 episodes from season 42 of the show, and if so desired can be watched from start to finish without any interaction whatsoever, however if your child wants to get involved there is lots for them to do. When the game first starts a character called Cooper pops up and puts on the same coloured T-shirt that you have on, and then introduces you to today’s letter and number and then gets you to perform it.


There is a lot to like in Sesame Street TV, and it is really hard to tell that you are playing a game with hardly any noticeable loading times or breaks in the action. Cooper is a great addition and he helps your child to get involved and active, but never forces them and the title generally is great and praising the player for getting it right, or encouraging them to perform the correct action or answer.


Overall – fans of a certain age will love this “game” and it offers a much more engaging experience than just sitting down and watching the episodes – Highly Recommended.


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