Sex and the City Movie Review

It was with great anticipation that I went to watch the new Sex and the City movie. After hearing quite a few bad reviews I must admit I was a little unsure what to expect! Fortunately though we absolutely loved the film, and came out of the cinema more in love with sex and the city (and Mr Big) than ever before! …

We’re not going to give away any huge spoilers, even though I’m sure most of you have already seen the movie by now but we’re taking no chances! What we will say however is that for true fans of the series the movie is NOT a letdown and fortunately no-one dies! (We read that the actual person planned for the widely rumoured ‘death’ was Steve’s mum but it was cut at the last minute)

It’s great to see the full cast reunited once more and the chemistry between Big and Carrie is electric. The moment you see them back on screen you remember those older episodes and their complicated yet wonderfully romantic relationship that really made SATC so memorable. The film is really well written, directed and acted. I found myself surprised at how moving it all was though; there were some real tearjerker moments that I didn’t really expect!

Readers will be pleased to know that Chris Noth looks just as hot as ever and is obviously one of those men who just age extremely well! We also hear Big’s FULL name several times in the movie and Carrie addresses him by it for what I believe is the first time!

Whilst it is true that Carrie, Samantha and co don’t look as youthful as they once did, I found it refreshing to see that they weren’t running around acting like teenagers and actually had some believable and entertaining storylines. Samantha had me in hysterics as usual whilst Miranda and Charlotte were going through some rather more emotional times. Carrie also has some fantastic outfits throughout the show, so those interested in SATC fashion definitely won’t be disappointed.

The film itself is rather long, and if you’re not a fan of the show I think you may find yourself getting a little antsy, but let’s face it, most people who head off out to see this film are going to have watched the series pretty regularly to spend their money on a cinema trip so it shouldn’t really be a major issue.

All in all I was really impressed with the film. There are rumours that there’s a second movie being planned but I almost hope that isn’t the case, wouldn’t that just be overkill?? I’m looking forward to the DVD release so I can sit down and re watch the whole thing! It really does make for great, feel good viewing and Girlie Gossip highly recommends it! 5/5 Stars!!

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