Shayne Ward tells bullies to CUT-it-out

X-factor winner launches campaign to reduce the incidence of bullying

Shayne Ward today launched the CUT-it-out campaign, an exciting new
initiative from Vodafone and the UK’s leading bullying prevention charity,
Beatbullying. CUT-it-out, which aims to reduce mobile phone bullying
amongst 13-17 year-olds, will offer young hopefuls the chance to script,
direct and produce a short film about the long-term effects of bullying.
One talented youngster will then have their film screened in UK cinemas
throughout the beginning of 2008.

The campaign invites entrants from across the UK to visit,
download a storyboard template and use it to detail their creative ideas for
a short film which will reduce the incidence of bullying. Three finalists
will then be chosen to travel to London for a weekend to work with top
directors and producers to make their films come to life on-set and, of
course, to meet the gorgeous Shayne Ward.

The three finalists’ films, created in the style of a mobile phone recording
will be uploaded to the site and voted upon in order to
decide which will subsequently be screened in cinemas across the UK. The
winner’s film will not only be viewable on the big screen, but also on foyer
televisions and via Bluetooth streaming to all handsets in the vicinity of
the complex.

Shayne Ward commented: “Stopping bullying is something I’m very passionate
about. I know, having witnessed it in the past myself, that it’s something
which can affect lives for years afterwards and I want to do my part to help
prevent it. Bullying is a huge issue these days, so it’s great that
Beatbullying and Vodafone have decided to take action against it and create
the CUT-it-out campaign. I really do hope that I can help to make a
difference, especially over anti-bullying week (19th – 23rd November)”

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