Shoes for larger sizes…

platform_shoes.jpg I, as I am sure many of you do, have lots of trouble trying to get wide fitting shoes to fit my larger than average sized feet. The choice is gradually starting to improve but just not fast enough.

I have a size 9 foot and my feet are wider than normal. This makes finding shoes that fit very difficult – never mind when I want to find more stylish shoes.

When I was growing up I always used to be embarrassed about my shoes. No high street shop made shoes large enough and I always ended up buying shoes from catalogues which were extremely costly or I had men’s trainers as they usually didn’t look too bad.

Once I was in my teens, a few shops were stocking shoes up to a size 8 which made things much easier but I soon outgrew them and I was back to the same problem as always. It was once I was about 16 that I found Evans who stocked wide fitting shoes up to size 10. They were great but I soon realised that their range was still limited.

Now, I still find shoes extremely difficult to buy. Evans are increasing their range but no other high street shop is willing to stock wider fitting shoes – especially in a size 9. I am now searching lots of online shops trying to find shoes that are more stylish yet affordable. I am still having lots of trouble and in this day when people are getting taller and the average shoe size is increasing, you’d think that more high street shops would be willing to increase their ranges.

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