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Shop Skincare launched this past July and throughout the past month, we have been sampling products from one of their Mystery Boxes. The Shop Skincare team are obsessed with all things beauty and skin related and ‘try before you buy’ is one of their key motto’s. This motto is the ethos behind the Shop Skincare Beauty Box.


“They say that the best things in life are either free or a surprise.  Well, the Shop Skincare mystery box is both!” – Shop Skincare.

Free Mystery Boxes are given with every purchase over £40 and each mystery box contains at least two full-size products! The Beauty Box was created for people who love surprises, (so, all of us!) and to help people discover new brands and products that they perhaps haven’t considered before.

I personally suffer from dry, cracked and sensitive skin. I also have Rosacea, so the skin on my face is always red, bumpy and at times sore. Skincare is, therefore, an extremely important part of my life and I take it pretty seriously. So, being able to try skincare products before I commit to purchasing is immensely beneficial!

“Every single brand we stock on our website has been handpicked, tried, tested and loved by the Shop Skincare team.” – Shop Skincare.


Shop Skincare is currently collaborating with a wide range of brands and they pride themselves on stocking “the best brands” around! They are also passionate about being inclusive and include vegan approved brands amongst other things.

We have been enjoying our mystery box and I was really pleased to find that I could use almost all of the products in the box! I was introduced to new brands and even found two standout products that made it into my July favourites! The box was beautifully packaged when it arrived and the branding itself is really pretty and feminine.


| Contents of Our Mystery Box |

1. | [A’Kin] Cleansing Micellar Water |

The [A’kin] Cleansing Micellar Water was one of the full-size products in my box. I have been LOVING this product all month and was without a doubt one of my favourite discoveries. This cleanser is a PH balanced, soap free cleansing water infused with a whole load of natural and organic ingredients.

Organic coconut water is used to refresh and hydrate the skin and green tea, cucumber and lavender cool, soothe, cleanse and refresh the skin. This product is simply amazing, so gentle on the skin and effective at lifting away any and all makeup and impurities. It left my complexion clear and my pores unclogged and most importantly for me, it did not exacerbate my Rosacea.


| Oblepikha Hand Cream |

The Oblepikha Hand Cream was again, by a brand that was new to me! It was also another of my favourite discoveries. I have not been able to put this product down. The cream is intended for daily use and is intended to preserve the youth and beauty of your hands.

It smells incredible and it is full of goodness. The Altai Sea Buckthorn cream butter and amaranth oil provide daily nourishing and moisture for the skin. It also has Cranberry seed oil too, which nourishes the skin with essential vitamins which have a healing effect and which protect the skin from any environmental influences.


| Saaf Organic Pure Face Cleanser and Cloth |

The Saaf Organic Pure Face Cleanser was one of the products by a brand that I was familiar with. I was really pleased to see this product in the box because whilst I knew the brand, I had not tried this particular product. It was a brand I had previously been impressed with though. The face cleanser is suitable for all skin types and it has purifying, balancing, smoothing and moisturising products.

The cleanser is combined with an organic face cloth which I really enjoyed. It allows you to gently remove impurities and makeup whilst exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin. I enjoyed using this product because it was gentle on my skin and did not cause a breakout.


Ultrasrun Face Anti-aging Sun Protection Sensitive SPF 30 |

As I already mentioned, I take skin care extremely seriously! An extremely important part of this is protecting my skin from the sun and more specifically, protecting my face from the sun which exacerbates my Rosacea and makes my skin extremely red and sore.

I have really been enjoying using this product and again I was really impressed to find it in my box! The Ultrasun Face Sun Protection has an SPF 30 and is intended for use on the face and on sensitive skin! Perfect! It has a combination of UVA and UVB protection and on top of that, powerful antioxidants which restore moisture levels and reduce signs of aging.


Ardell Eyelashes |

The eyelashes were the only item in my box that I did not use. That was through no fault of the product but simply down to the fact that I do not wear false lashes! So, I gifted them to a friend who was more than willing to snap them up!

Ardell Wispies are said to be lightweight, easy-to-apply, comfortable to wear and suitable for all occasions. They have an invisible band which connects the hairs and makes application easier. They do have a really feathery look too, which I thought was really pretty.

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