Shop Till you Drop: Four Potential Supermarket Hazards

Shopping Hazard

Supermarkets are the one place where almost every sector of society has to spend at least some of their time. From the unemployed to the rich and famous, everyone ventures out to their local supermarket from time to time, whether it’s to grab a pint of milk or do a full trolley shop. So the supermarket has certainly weaved its way into modern life in a big way, but with so many people going there at all hours of the day, are we really safe?


You might think that with plenty of security on site, CCTV cameras in every corner and legions of lanky teenagers stacking the shelves, there really couldn’t be any serious danger. Well, think again. Next time you go down to your local supermarket, watch out for some of these potentially disastrous supermarket hazards:


1. The spilt milk

The ‘spilt milk’ scenario isn’t necessarily limited to milk. In fact, any kind of spillage that involves mopping up, scraping off or sweeping away could easily fall under this heading. One thing is for sure though: if you go skidding to your doom on a wet floor next time you’re out shopping, you will be crying, and not just because of the spilt milk.


2. The mysterious speeding trolley

Beware of trolleys that are seemingly making their way at high speed around the supermarket unaided. They are, in fact, being driven by totally reckless and unsupervised children. What possesses a usually intelligent and well-meaning parent to think it’s a good idea to let their child push a trolley laden with heavy items around blind bends in a crowded supermarket is beyond comprehension. Avoid these at all costs.


3. The comedy stack of beans

A long-time preserve of Warner Bros. cartoons and Adam Sandler movies, the comedy stack of beans, tumbling to the ground is not something you can always see the funny side of. One misplaced bump with a trolley and you could be seeing more stars than at the Oscars. Of course, the hazard is not limited to beans. Your local shop could easily fell you with stacks of wine bottles, or even jars of pickled onions. Whatever the product, just don’t be tempted to take one from the bottom – it doesn’t even work in the movies.


4. The angry pensioner

Never underestimate the power of an angry pensioner, particularly when approaching the reduced section of the cream cakes fridge. What can seem like a kindly old lady one minute can transmogrify into a snarling, walking-stick-wielding beast of a woman, should you dare to take that last fresh-cream scone. As well as exercising caution around the chilled aisles, beware inadvertent queue jumping at the checkouts too. Just let them go first – it’s not worth it.


Next time you venture out for your weekly grocery shop, take a moment to consider just how lucky you are to have escaped unharmed. The supermarket is just full of accidents waiting to happen, so be on your guard at all times.


Joking aside, there are many accidents in supermarkets every day of the week, some of which could have been avoided if other people had been doing their job properly. If you think you’ve suffered an injury in a supermarket, or anywhere else for that matter, and it was someone else’s fault, an injury lawyer will be able to advise you on whether you can make a claim for compensation.

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