Simple Things You Can Do To Make Yourself More Beautiful

We all want to look beautiful and often, we are quite happy to leave that job in the hands of the professionals. We let...

We all want to look beautiful and often, we are quite happy to leave that job in the hands of the professionals. We let stylists decide how to make our hair look fuller, celebs style affects what we choose to wear, and we get our nails done by manicurists. We may even go to a spa to get some professional beauty treatment. But, there are things that we can do at home that can have the effect of making us look more beautiful than ever. Here are just a few.

Sleep Tight

If you want to look naturally beautiful, start by doing your best to improve your sleeping pattern. Unfortunately, if you are a restless sleeper, this is going to affect how you look each day. Similarly, if you are lying on your face through the night it is going to look worse in the morning with temporary wrinkles that won’t always fade. That is why you should start sleeping lying flat on your back and if you need to, wear a face mask. This will protect your skin through the night. Avoid staying up until silly hours and aim to get at least 8 undisturbed hours of sleep each night. This will give your body more than enough time to rejuvenate.


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Pearly White

If you want the most common feature men look for in a woman, it is a nice smile and pretty eyes. You can improve your smile by whitening your teeth and we are not talking about spending a fortune on whitening products. You can do it naturally with a blend of baking soda and lemon juice to make a paste. You can then spread this across your teeth and leave it on for one minute. If you do this regularly for a couple of weeks, you will see a noticeable difference. Of course, something things can not be fixed by home remedies. So if you feel self-conscious about your smile because of missing teeth, look into getting dental implants. New technology has made these procedures easy and painfree.   

Thicker, Glossier Hair

We’ve already written about tricks you can use to making your hair look thicker but what about making it thicker for real. You can do this by using coconut oils. Using coconut oils like shampoo on your hair once a week has been shown to make it healthier, encouraging growth. As for making it shinier, you should try the classic tea bag trick because it works. All you need to do is mix hot water with tea bags and soak your hair in it for five minutes. After that wash and dry and see how much shinier your locks are. We think you will be amazed by the almost instant results.

Younger Looking Skin

Finally, the biggest fear is always going to be getting wrinkles and looking older. While growing old is just a fact of life you can slow down the process by getting rid of the bags under your eyes, using cucumber pieces. This soaks up the juices that build under the eyes. You can also clear your skin of any blemishes using a steam treatment. Fill a bowl with boiling water and hold your head over it, carefully. The steam will cleanse and clean your skin making it look clearer than ever.

We hope you find these tips and tricks useful but remember, beauty is never just skin deep.

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