Singing in the Rain

It’s July! Blooming flowers! Barbecues! Beaches! Strappy Sandals! Trips to the lido! Sunshine! Hmmm, okay, scratch that last one, after all we live in...


It’s July! Blooming flowers! Barbecues! Beaches! Strappy Sandals! Trips to the lido! Sunshine! Hmmm, okay, scratch that last one, after all we live in Britain, where July and August are some of the rainiest months of the year. Past summers (every last one of them) strongly suggest we’ll spend more time wishing for the sun than enjoying it.
No need to despair, (save that for February when there really is no hope), in the spirit of lemons and lemonade GirlieGossip have scoured our brains and picked the 5 best things to do when it’s pouring outside and the calendar says summer.

1. Give your house a cosmetic makeover
Forget knocking down walls or getting dirty – we’re not talking ‘Location Location Location’ – this is strictly about the fun stuff. There’s nothing like retail therapy to banish the rain-induced blues, so pick a colour theme and make a list. Candles, throws, lamps, cushions, mirrors and picture frames can work wonders to brighten up a lacklustre room. If you’re on a budget – and who isn’t? – Primark, Tesco, ASDA and Matalan all have home interior sections and are great for cheap fabulous finds.

2. Spend a day at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)
If you fancy a dose of art and culture but you’ve been cursed with a chop-and-change Youtube attention span, the ICA is tailor made. It showcases an exciting range of new art via its two galleries, two cinemas, theatre, bookshop, café and bar. It’s also helpfully located in the scenic Mall, a stone’s throw from Charing Cross station and thus a breeze to reach by tube, train or bus. The ICA is open until 11pm Monday – Wednesday, 1am Thursday – Saturday and 9pm on Sunday’s. Take advantage of Happy Monday’s and pay only £5 for cinema tickets all day. Be sure to check the website for upcoming live performances in the bar. Everything you need for a stimulating indoor day-out.


3. Friendly lock-in
Invite your girlfriends round, lock the doors, pull the curtains and forget about the dreary weather outside. Hmmm, what now..?
•    Crank up your favourite 80’s tunes and check out Facials Suite
•    Rent your favourite musical, print out the song lyrics and impress (distress?) the neighbours with your vocal prowess.
•    Pick a film theme… Hitchcock? Women Who Kick Ass? The Rob Lowe Oeuvre? And watch while applying manicures.
•    Order pizza and escape into the ridiculously affluent, gorgeously sunny world of American TV i.e. The Hills, Weeds, MTV Cribs, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives…
•    Fire up the Wii and take your pick from the shed-load of sensational games available.

4.  Relax at the spa
The Porchester is one of London’s oldest spas, yet despite the carefully restored art deco features, elegant interior and Central London location, it’s also one of the city’s cheapest. For a paltry £22.10 you gain access to three Turkish hot baths, two Russian steam rooms, a Finnish log sauna, cold plunge pool, relaxation area and swimming pool. It’s an absolute steal!


5. Loll around in bed

Let’s be honest, when you wake up, hear thunder rolling in the distance, and see grey rain sheeting against your window, there isn’t much you want to do that involves getting out of bed. So don’t. Grab that bar of chocolate, (make sure it’s big), brew yourself a cup of tea and curl up with a good book. Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’ and Charlaine Harris’ ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ series have topped the charts when it comes to deliciously addictive guilty reads. After a couple of hours, when reading becomes too strenuous, you can be sure a laugh-out-loud episode of ‘Friends’ will be on TV somewhere.

By Shade Lapite

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