If you are a single gal living on your own, you may sometimes worry about safety and security. When you live with someone else, you can rest easy at night knowing someone else is there to hear if someone is trying to break in. You have some company in the evenings, and someone to spill all your news out to. Living alone is actually really tough psychologically as well as financially, so fewer and fewer of us are opting for the bachelorette lifestyle.

Those of us who are left all alone in isolation at home should definitely think about getting a pet. To avoid the stigma of looking like a lonely old cat woman, you might choose to go for a puppy. Even if you work all day, having a puppy needn’t be too traumatic. Many employers are OK with you bringing poochie along to the office from time to time. If your job is close enough to home, you could always nip back in your lunch breaks for a quick walk around the block.


Source of this puppy pic is Flickr.com

Most of us see the glamour of celebrities carrying their dogs around like, or in, handbags and wonder why they are doing it. When you have an adorable bundle of fluff, you will fall in love and just want to have them around all the time. A dog can make such an excellent companion that you may not want to be out of their company all day long! Choosing your next furry pal couldn’t be easier either. You can check out dogs for sale online and pick the breed that most suits you.

Celebrities love their dogs, and when you have one, you can understand why. If you have celebrity money, you are definitely going to lavish your furry best friend with the very best in doggy accessories and spa treatments. If your pay packet isn’t quite in the same league, you can still spoil your puppy with good quality beds and collars. Perhaps your biggest bills will be the annual trips to the vets, but budgeting your finances or taking out insurance may help you manage these a little easier.

One of the best things about doggy ownership is keeping fit. There is no chance you will get to laze about on the sofa when you have a puppy. They want to roll around and run and play with you. They need to be taken out for walks every few hours. They are also going to need to be fed at least twice a day as well. Bigger breeds may enjoy going for a jog with you, although road running could possibly damage their paws so keep it cross country. Socially, the dog park will certainly help you meet other dog owners, and you will instantly have something to talk about.

Whatever dog you get, you can certainly boost your style and better your lifestyle by owning one. They keep you company and keep you fit. They improve your social life, keep you safe at home, and give you plenty of love. What more could you possibly want?

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