Six Super Style Tips For Your Spring Wardrobe

Great news: spring is just around the corner! The weather is getting better, nature is waking up and we can finally shed our winter layers. So, is your spring wardrobe reading and raring to be worn? Don’t worry neither are ours! But help is at hand. We have gathered together six super style tips that will assist you in creating a beautiful wardrobe just in time for the changing of the seasons. Let’s have a look…

  1. Spring clean your closet

When we enter a new season, it’s a good idea to give our wardrobes a bit of TLC. Winter items that you are unwanted or too old to be worn next winter should be donated or recycled. Clothes and shoes that won’t be worn again for a while should be stored away somewhere clean and safe. And spring garments should be brought out of hibernation and given pride of place.



  1. Hang on to some transitional garments

Remember that the weather is unpredictable during springtime. In one day you can have a bright, sunny morning but April showers in the afternoon. For practical reasons, you should hold on to a few lighter winter items or invest in some transitional garments. Warm jumpers are still handy in spring. You may wish to check out websites such as for a range of good quality items. These can be worn with shorts or skirts for a practical and stylish spring ensemble. Light rain jackets and waterproof footwear should also be included in your spring closet.



  1. Brighten things up

Spring is a bright and colourful time of year, so match this in your outfits. Start swapping those deep winter shades for pastels and pops of bright colours. Bright and light yellow, green, pink and purple all look right at home in the springtime. As do vibrant patterns like floral and polka dot.

  1. Pick up a poncho


Whether you like it or not, ponchos are back with a vengeance this spring! Even poncho-phobes are bound to be taken by the new and innovative twists that designers have taken in this old classic. From bohemian embroidered styles to super chic structured capes, there is something to suit every taste.



  1. Lighten things up

Materials in winter are, naturally, heavy and warm. In spring, it’s time to start wearing lighter weight garments. Opt for flowing and delicate materials as they will look the most stylish and feel the most comfortable. Accessories should also be lighter. Woolen hats can be swapped for material or straw floppy hats. Think winter scarves can be stored away and your lightweight silk and cotton versions can be brought out to play.

  1. Succumb to the 70s

The seventies have influenced much of the design world this year, from fashion to interiors. And this trend is predicted to hang around for a while. Complete you super stylish spring wardrobe with a pair of fitted flares, boho floral tops and chunky platforms.

There you have it. Six super style tips for your spring wardrobe. Have a fabulous and fashionable spring season!

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