Celebrate Stationery Week with Sloane Stationery

Sloane Stationery

Get ready for National Stationery Week… ✎

National Stationery week runs from the 24th April – 30th April 2017 and it is a time to celebrate the written word and all things stationery.

In modern day Britain, the things we write by hand are few. On a weekly basis we may write a shopping list, or perhaps send a card to a loved one. Sloane Stationery champion pen to paper creativity and they hope for their books to inspire others to honour the written word and revisit big ideas.

The Dying Art of Handwriting…

Rather shockingly, a British survey revealed that one in three participants had not laid hand to paper in six months. Nowadays people send texts or emails and they update their Twitter and Instagram feeds. People can video chat, or connect with each other at the drop of a hat. So, even those small gestures, like sending a card, are being replaced by technology.

Sloane Stationery brings the traditional craft of bookbinding into the 21st century, and the result is a completely stunning product of exceptional quality and an air of elegance. If you want to combine all of this with a little whimsy, whilst maintaining a classic and traditional appearance, then you are in luck.

Nathalie Vaandrageer, the founder of Sloane Stationery says,

“It’s the combination of luxury with a sense of humour that sets Sloane Stationery apart.”

We completely agree.

Made in the UK… ✎

Grounded in the English tradition of bookbinding, Sloane Stationery products are handmade within the UK by trained craftsmen. The luxurious cream paper has gilt edges and it is soft to the touch.

Sloane Stationery really do offer you the opportunity to add some charm to your workspace, where ever that may be.

Sloane Stationery is available to purchase from a number of shops in the UK.

So, why don’t you celebrate Stationery Week by treating yourself to a new diary, or starting a journal? Or, why not go a step further and pen a letter to brighten someone’s day!

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