SPECTRUM REVIEW: “Bold, beautiful makeup brushes for total mer-babes!”

◦◦ Spectrum – Makeup Brushes ◦◦

A girl can never have too many makeup brushes! It’s true!

Whilst it may seem like any old brush will do, that is just not the case. The stunning ‘You Look Marbleous’ range from Spectrum. So we put the stunning ‘You Look Marbleous’ range from Spectrum to the test. We wanted to find out whether makeup brushes make a difference, and we can tell you, they do!

Yes, there are some fantastic drugstore brushes but if you are looking to invest in a really great set of brushes then Spectrum brushes are worth your consideration. They blend your makeup flawlessly, they are seriously soft, and there was zero shedding. On top of that, there are really pretty and comfortable to use.

◦◦ YOU LOOK MARBLEOUS: 12 Piece Set ◦◦

 Display your Spectrum black marble inspired makeup brush set proudly. It is the perfect balance of sass and class. The black handles have a high shine gloss finish with eye-catching grey to white ombre bristles that are so light and soft you can barely feel them brush your skin. The rose-gold detailing adds a contemporary finish to a classic, elegant look.

The set contains a total of 12 brushes. 9 of which are for use on the face and the remaining 3 for eyes and lips. Some of the brushes available in this set are not available to buy separately.

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◦◦ YOU LOOK MARBLEOUS: 8 Piece Eye Set ◦◦

This 8 piece set is the newest addition to Spectrum’s ‘You Look Marbelous’ marble inspired collection. This set has 8 super soft bristled brushes. Everything you could possibly need to create some magic. The set has some larger brushes which are suited to applying a base colour and some smaller shader and blender brushes to build detail and be more precise.

The brushes are styled in the same way as the 12 piece set. Chic, classic and elegant.

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◦◦ YOU LOOK MARBLEOUS: Marbleous Black Bag ◦◦

The stunning marble patterned ‘You Look Marbleous’ bag completes the collection. The bag has a faux leather finish and a rose gold finish and white lining. There is plenty of room to hold all of your marbelous brushes and your make up too.

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Spectrum is proud to be a PETA registered and vegan trademarked cruelty free brand. All of Spectrum’s brushes are made with the highest quality synthetic hair and they assure us that no unicorns were harmed during the making of their products.

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