This Year’s Spring/Summer Must Haves

This Year’s Spring/Summer Must Haves

Spring has come around so quickly this year. It only feels like yesterday we were celebrating Christmas! Spring has got to be my favorite time of year, the weather is starting to brighten up, the flowers and trees are starting to blossom and the evenings are getting lighter. I’m lucky enough to live right next to the beach so in the summer evenings it’s really relaxing to take a long walk along the beach and watch the sunset.

When it comes around to spring, we all love to have a good clean, out with the old and in with the new. Here I have chosen some fantastic must have items for Spring/Summer 2016!

LUSH Sunscreen Lotion

This Year's Spring/Summer Must Haves!

When it comes to sunscreen only the best will do and of course as always, LUSH are the best when it comes to anything to do with skin care. They only use the highest quality of fresh natural ingredients that work wonders on all skin types.

As we all know, the UK weather is very unpredictable and we could very well spend our summer days under an umbrella. If you are lucky enough to have a holiday booked for this year then I highly recommend adding the LUSH sunscreen lotion and sunscreen wash to your suitcase.

You can buy these gorgeous smelling Summer must haves at

Goodmans Pink Pebble  Portable Digital & FM Radio

This Year's Spring/Summer Must Haves!

This cute little radio is perfect for summer. It’s completely portable so not only can you have it plugged in at home but you can take it along to the beach with you or have it out in the garden for those epic summer BBQ’s.

Having crystal clear Digital Radio will make every summer day that little bit better. I can just imagine myself now sunbathing in the garden listening to a bit of Kisstory!

You can buy this Summer must have at

Also available in Purple, Pink, Concrete, Slate

Angel Faces Swimwear

This Year's Spring/Summer Must Haves!

This gorgeous girly top is not only stylish but it’s completely waterproof it offers protection from the sun with SPF 50+ so it’s perfect for the beach or water parks. The cute angel wings on the back give it that extra bit of sparkle all girls love!

Angel Faces also offer a huge selection of bikinis and other swimwear at

Look Good Feel Anti-Bacterial Brush Set

This Year's Spring/Summer Must Haves!

It’s actually quite scary how many germs hide away in your makeup bag. These clever anti-bacterial brushes are definitely a must have. You won’t find other brushes that clean themselves! The brushes come with a handy little pouch perfect to fit in your handbag.

These are a great idea for festival goers. Not only can you touch up your makeup between performances but you can feel great knowing there are no nasty bugs hiding in your brushes

You can buy these hypoallergenic brushes at

Kissing Squirrel Grobag

This Year's Spring/Summer Must Haves!

The GroBag is an amazing little product that is both truly versatile and beautifully designed. This is the perfect way to ensure that your little one is wrapped up safe and sound as they sleep, but that they remain well protected and secure in their bedding.

With a super cute little ‘kissing squirrel’ design this is soft, luxurious and high quality. I love how unisex this design is too, making it the perfect gift idea for new parents. With low togs available, this is a fab product and a real ‘must have’ item for Spring & Summer.

You can buy this grobag and other designs at

Spring Blossoms Cushion

This Year's Spring/Summer Must Haves!

This pretty spring blossom cushion is so comfy and not only does it look beautiful on my bed but it’s also perfect for my garden chair and gives it that extra bit of comfort. I absolutely love the design. The watercolours look stunning and the shades are very feminine.

You can but this cushion and other gorgeous designs at

Asda’s New Toy Range

This Year's Spring/Summer Must Haves!

I love getting out in the garden in the spring. The kids and I really enjoy getting the garden ready for spring by planting new flowers and having a general tidy up to make room for new Summer toys!

Asda have a fantastic range of outdoor toys this year and there is something for all age groups to enjoy. It’s so nice to watch the kids playing happily in the garden and these toys are perfect to make some amazing summer memories.

You can buy all these and more at

SKN-RG Cellular Resurfacing Mask

This Year's Spring/Summer Must Haves!

As we transition from winter to spring, the weather and atmosphere can take its toll on your skin. Leaving it completely dried out. SKN-RG is a miracle mask guaranteed to bring the glow back to your skin ready for spring. SKN-RG contains some lovely spring/summer ingredients such as golden raspberry, black grape, plum, rose otto, and black elderflower extract.

You can buy this must have mask at

Let us know in the comments what your Spring/Summer must haves are!


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