British Summertime is here and finally we have some good T.V to watch!! The Apprentice is in full swing, Britain’s got Talent fills our Saturday nights, while Heroes and Lost have been keeping us on the edge of our seats!

Let us start with The Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar has got rid of some of the muck now and we are getting down to business; I have to admit I find Philip Taylor (you know, the Estate Agent) quite the eye-candy! His catchphrase: “Business is the new rock ‘n’ roll and I’m Elvis Presley”; swoon! His confidence and charming manner has completely won me over – if Sir Alan gets rid of him I will be heart-broken!!

I find Senior Commercial Manager James McQuillan, who claims to suffer from ‘foot in mouth syndrome,’ quite hilarious too, he comes as a welcome relief from some of the more boring contestants (Noorul “I like the sound of my own voice” Choudhury comes to mind). Even though James has been the first contestant to wet himself in the boardroom I still like the guy – now that is deep! Of course, there is the eye-candy for the boys aswell; blonde, gym-loving Kate Walsh, who is straight talking, excellent at taking the lead and putting the men into place – especially Philip, watch this space!

Of course, we can’t discuss The Apprentice without mentioning cocky Ben Clarke, who is turning out to be the star of the show! Mostly by annoying everyone, but entertaining he certainly is! He is just 22 years old and a trainee stockbroker, although last week he did almost talk his way out of the board-room by making sure poor Paula was blamed for a small mistake which caused big problems but I do believe Ben has the passion, enthusiasm and determination to make it far in the competition. Oh and for the record, I thought waste of space Restaurant owner Yasmina Siadatan, who also faced the boardroom, should have been fired, she won’t last long.

Over on ITV a glass of wine and a giggle at the mad people Simon Cowell attracts in Britain’s got Talent is definitely the perfect way to spend a Saturday night! Ant and Dec have me in stitches with their hilarious comments – I hope everyone saw Ant beat the contestant who was trying to eat eight ferrero rochers in one minute! Susan Boyle has been the talk of town though with her sad “I’ve never been kissed” story and amazing voice, the song she sang was so fitting as well;

“I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I’m living”

So she’s not the prettiest girl that walked on stage; she certainly hasn’t a clue when it comes to fashion and has probably worn the same hair style since she was 15 but the nation has fallen in love with her – it doesn’t matter who else walks out onto that stage, Susan Boyle deserves to win – given that through her lonely existence, she has lived knowing she has a beautiful talent. I can’t believe it has taken her 47 years to build up the courage to risk the humiliation, rejection and pain, always a possible hazard when facing Mr. Cowell. Unfortunately, I admit with sadness that is exactly what she experienced before she started singing. We all soon shut up though and the only way to properly apologise to her will be to vote in our millions for Susan to sing at the Royal Variety performance.

Meanwhile, on Heroes we only have 3 more episodes! What will I do with my Monday nights after that?! But before that we will find out a bit more about the mysterious Angela Petrelli, how Sylar’s new power has given him another upper-hand and we’ll find out what proposition he could possibly have for our favourite cheerleader Claire in the season finale, as well a visit from a character we all thought long gone! However, I can’t help feeling Heroes has perhaps lost the sense of purpose and originally it set out with; at the end of volume 4 we will see a teaser for volume 5, which is called “Redemption”. I just hope the writers have more direction than I am giving them credit for.

On the other hand Lost only has 4 more episodes before we are left waiting for the FINAL series! It was revealed in 2007 that Lost will end on its sixth season, with a “highly anticipated and shocking finale” according to ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson. “We felt that this was the only way to give Lost a proper creative conclusion,” said McPherson.

But is it possible for them to answer all of our questions? Are we ever going to find out more about the Monster? How has Locke come back from the dead? Why did he disappear when the monster came and only reappeared when it was gone? Which man will Kate end up with? Will Sun manage to get back into the past to see Jin again? What has happened to Claire? My questions go on and on…

As usual the producers are keeping things tight-lipped, all we know is in the season finale named “The incident” we will meet the famous Jacob! My mind is spiralling out of control with possible theories!!

Enjoy and thanks for reading as always,
Anna-Louise x

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