Starbucks Chilled Coffee & Summer Recipe Ideas!

Starbucks Discoveries® chilled coffees and Starbucks Doubleshot® Espresso and Milk drink can now be found in the chilled section of  major retail outlets and Starbucks stores across the UK. The drinks are made with 100 percent fairtrade certified Starbucks® coffee with milk and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Inspired by Starbucks coffee buyers who travel the world looking for the highest quality arabica coffee and designed for when you are out and about, Starbucks Discoveries® chilled coffee range is available in three indulgent flavours: Seattle Latte, named after the birthplace of Starbucks; Aztlan Mocha Latte (chocolate flavour) after the mythical birthplace of the Aztecs; and Qandi™ Latte (caramel flavour) from the Greek island of Qandi. With these exotic locations depicted on the side of each cup, kick-starting the imagination, a Starbucks Discoveries® chilled coffee is the perfect accompaniment for those times in a day when one opts for a respite from the reality of everyday life – those much needed moments of escapism.

In celebration of these moments and the launch of Starbucks Discoveries® chilled coffees, Starbucks Coffee Company commissioned research to find out what ‘escapism’ means to women and how they spend these moments throughout their day. Through this research it was discovered  that while most UK women take three different moments of escapism during a day, one in six women are so busy that they never have time for even the briefest moment – however 88% of women feel that taking time for these moments is essential to get through the day.

Women’s fiction author, Heidi Rice commented: “The Starbucks Discoveries® chilled coffee research highlights why we need to weave moments of escapism into our days.  With so much to contend with in our daily lives, these moments to ourselves are what keep us sane.  Be it the well trodden path of escaping into a book or a quick celeb check on the internet; make sure you have your next one scheduled! ”

With 40 percent of women choosing to have a drink during their moments of escapism, Starbucks is thrilled to be introducing Starbucks Discoveries® chilled coffee range across the UK.

In addition to the Starbucks Discoveries® chilled coffee range, Starbucks is introducing Starbucks Doubleshot® Espresso & Milk drink, a delicious canned blend of authentic Starbucks® espresso, lightly sweetened and mellowed with milk. Arla Foods, one of Europe’s largest dairy companies, will manufacture, distribute and market the Starbucks-branded premium chilled coffee drinks. For more information, please visit

Starbucks Discoveries® chilled coffee recommended  RRP: £1.49 Starbucks Doubleshot® RRP: £1.29

As if that wasn’t enough we’ve also got a top tip for iced coffee at home from Alan Hartney, the Starbucks UK Coffee Ambassador!

The Perfect Iced Coffee Recipe

8 cup caffetiere

100g  freshly ground coffee (double the strength of when you are making hot coffee)

Large jug, half filled with ice

Strawberries, sliced and whole (optional)

Make the coffee and brew for 4 minutes before plunging
Allow to cool, pour over the ice in the jug and top up with sliced strawberries
Serve garnished with whole fruits, if you fancy it


Links to Alan’s Twitter and blog are: @StarbucksUKCA and

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