Starbucks – Our Pick of Warming Autumn Coffee

Autumn is in full swing, and whilst it may not quite be scarf and hat wearing weather yet, we’re all definitely in need of warming up on these colder, rainy days…Keep reading below for our favourite three drinks of the month from Starbucks that are sure to give a little boost to your day!

Caramel Macchiato

A mix of vanilla flavour and steamed milk, marked with 100% Fairtrade certified espresso and topped with foam and caramel sauce.  Try a skimmed milk Tall Caramel Macchiato with sugar-free vanilla syrup – still delicious and only 102 calories.

Caffe Americano

What brings our 100% Fairtrade espresso to life more than a simple americano? Our dark roasted espresso coffee beans from Latin America and Asia / Pacific produce a rich and caramelly sweetness.

Every latte, cappuccino and americano coffee we hand-craft for you at Starbucks is made with 100% Fairtrade certified coffee.

Extra Shot Skinny Vanilla Latte

Your coffeehouse classic with a vanilla twist and an extra shot of our 100% Fairtrade certified espresso. Experiment as much as you like: add extra shots, change to soy milk perhaps. If you’ve got a registered Starbucks Card, you’ll get all your extras for free!

Fear not, Girlie Gossip readers, we’ll keep trying out more Starbucks coffee for you and pick our favourite winter selection soon, all in the name of research of course!

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