If this year, you and your partner have decided to do stockings for one another, you may be struggling to think of things to put in his. Let’s be honest about it, buying any present for a man can be incredibly difficult. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t think of some gift ideas for him, men really are hard to buy for.

To help you make him the most amazing stocking, we have put together a list of all the best stocking fillers. (Trust us, he’ll love these ideas.)


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Personalised socks

Jazz up the traditional stocking filler of socks, by opting for a personalised design. For a range of stylish sock designs for men, check out www.notonthehighstreet.com. All you have to do is pick a pair of socks, personalise them, and voila, you’ve got a gift with a difference.

Beauty products

Good skin care isn’t just for us girls; it’s also important for men as well. Whether he likes to take care of his skin or not, a tube of face cream makes a great stocking filler. He may not seem like the type to use beauty products, but once he tries Elemis Men Daily Moisture Boost, he’ll fall in love.

You could always top this gift off by adding a bottle of cleanser and an exfoliating scrub, to his stocking. Along with a fluffy new flannel, to use with his products – look out for flannel designs with a difference. Personalised flannels tend to be a great success, as men love things with their names on.

Smartphone case

If he’s one of those guys who picks a plain black phone case and sticks with the same design for years, it might be time to treat him to a new one. Does he support a certain sport – football or golf perhaps? Does he have a favourite team or player? How about getting him a sports themed phone case – personalised phone cases always make great gifts.

Shaver or beard trimmer

He might already have a shaver or beard trimmer, but what about treating him to a nicer one? Not all devices are built equally; some shavers are better than others. If your partner’s beard trimmer or shaver has seen better days, he’ll appreciate a new one.

Don’t just pick up the first design that you see, take your time to get an idea of the best makes and models. Read reviews online, to see which shaver designs are the most suitable. If, for example, you’re interested in a Remington shaver, before you buy one, read up about the model, to make sure that it’s right for your partner.

Sweet jar

Take him back to his childhood with a jar of his favourite retro sweets. Whether he’s a flying saucer man or a fruit pips lover, you can pick him up the perfect a sweet jar online. Think about what he likes, and choose a pot that you know he’ll love.

Some websites offer mix and match jars, as well as personalised labels. Perhaps you could pop a cute quote on the front of the jar that you order him? Or a phrase from his favourite song? Choose something that will make him smile, and pop that on his sweet jar.

There you have it, lots of lovely stocking filler ideas that your partner is sure to love.

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