Strip back your beauty routine with celebrity make-up artist Lina Cameron!

This summer it’s time to strip back your make up routine! Lina Cameron’s tips will let you give your skin a complete makeover and...

This summer it’s time to strip back your make up routine! Lina Cameron’s tips will let you give your skin a complete makeover and ensure it stays even and healthy, with that flawless summer glow.

Lina is a celebrity make-up artist whose loyal clients include Scarlett Johansson and Sienna Miller- and now she’s reaching out to ordinary women everywhere to teach them the stars’ beauty secrets.

CLEANSER is an essential starting point- choose your favourite cleanser (I love Eve Lom), invest in a simple muslin cloth and leave your cleaner on for 30 minutes while you clean the house, watch TV or natter on the phone. Then take your cloth and very gently in tiny circles exfoliate, massaging the skin with little swoops and rubbing the cleanser very gently in to the skin.

SPF 45 is a MUST HAVE. The best advice I can pass on is to use a sunscreen every day rain, hail or shine under you make-up- either SPF 45 or 50. It is the singular best anti-aging habit you can get into. Prevention is always better than cure and protective your skin from the elements is essential. I love Linda Meredith SPF 45 because it is so light in texture, smells amazing and is the perfect base for make-up.

FOUNDATION: DO NOT cake yourself with foundation. To enhance and even the skin use two shades of foundation. DO NOT just slap on your foundation with your hands or a sponge- really think about blending and making it looks natural. You only need the tiniest bit to ensure your skin looks healthily and balanced. You need a lighter foundation for the centre of your face with a shade 2/3 times darker to contour the cheeks and raise the cheek bones.

BRONZER is the next step. Use a big round brush to blend, buff under the cheekbones and curve up to your temples with a shimmery bronzer, and then sweep away any excess with your finger tips.

LASHES complete the look. Summer looks should be natural and healthy, so with your now glowing skin and enhanced cheek bones all you need is subtle definition around the eyes. To save time over the summer months, invest in a good lash dye. Get this done professionally, but if you want do it at home make sure you spend time with the instructions.

MASCARA: Curl the lashes with a simple curler and then add WATERPROOF mascara – sweep it gently over the lashes once to give it that extra volume. Ever wondered why your lashes go flat when you apply the mascara after curling? Would you curl your hair and then spray with water? No! Ordinary mascara is water based, so make sure you use waterproof.

LIP GLOSS is the finishing touch. All you need now is a simple sweep of clear lip gloss with some shimmer and you are ready for your stripped back summer look!

Don’t get stuck in a make-up groove: book a free makeover from brands you love! Beauty is a process in motion. Keep going and always look for something new.

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