The Ultimate Summer Beauty Haul

Hello my lovelies!  I hope you’re all enjoying this fantastic weather we have been having! With Summer just around the corner, I wanted to...

The Ultimate Summer Beauty Haul

The Ultimate Summer Beauty Haul

The Ultimate Summer Beauty Haul

The Ultimate Summer Beauty Haul

The Ultimate Summer Beauty Haul

The Ultimate Summer Beauty Haul

The Ultimate Summer Beauty Haul

The Ultimate Summer Beauty Haul

The Ultimate Summer Beauty Haul

Hello my lovelies!  I hope you’re all enjoying this fantastic weather we have been having! With Summer just around the corner, I wanted to update my beauty collection and share with you all these amazing brands I’ve  discovered. Some of these you have probably heard of and some might be new to you, but I highly recommend  adding some of these high-quality products to your collection.

Flying Tiger Make Up Bags

These make-up bags are super cute and I love the quirky slogans. These pretty zip-up bags are perfect for storing all your favorite products in. If  you are going away this summer then I highly recommend taking one of these with you. If you’re a bit of a make-up addict like me, then you might need two! But the best thing is they are only £2. so no need to break the bank.

 You can find these cute make-up bags at:

Scholl Wet & Dry

So.. I found the perfect sexy sandals for summer, but when I tried them on I realized my poor feet didn’t look too sexy at all. Being a big fan of Scholl for many years, it was obvious I was going to turn to them to give my feet the TLC they deserved. The Scholl Wet & Dry got rid of all the nasty hard skin that had built up over the winter months, and it left my feet feeling and looking sexy and ready for summer. The best bit about this one is that it’s waterproof so you can give your feet a nice long soak in the bath and then let the clever device work its magic!

You can buy the Scholl Wet & Dry at:

Ted Baker Goodies

Ted Baker has got to be one of my favorite brands and I’m loving this new range. The mini beauty bag is perfect for Summer holidays and weekends away. The beautifully designed bag includes a body lotion, a body spray and a fruity lip balm. I love the cute bow and the gold letter T on the zip.

Another addition to the new Ted Baker range is Amazing Grace. This very pretty floral scent is uplifting and rejuvenating. a true summer scent. The 10ml bottle is the perfect size to fit in your handbag and freshen up on those hot, sunny days. You can buy these gorgeous products and others from the stunning range at:

Armani Jeans Handbag

A new season a new handbag! As soon as I saw this bag I instantly fell in love with it. When it comes to handbags, only the best quality will do. This beautiful bag is very classy and looks amazing with a summer dress and a pair of pink, heeled sandals. Armani are such a well-known high-quality brand and this elegant handbag has got to be one of my favorites from their range. Make a statement this summer with this luxurious handbag. You can buy this bag and other designer handbags at:

Dr Paw Paw

until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Dr Paw Paw, but I’m soooo glad I discovered this AMAZING product. This fantastic balm’s main ingredient is Carica Papaya. This nutrient-rich fruit is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It’s amazing how many benefits this clever stuff has. You can use it on your lips, cuticles, dry skin, hair, brows, a base for your make up and even nappy rash!  You can buy Dr Paw Paw from:

This week we tried out the Peachy Pink version and loved it! This one is best on lips or cheeks and leaves and slight tint. I can’t wait to see what Dr Paw Paw brings out next!

 You can buy Dr Paw Paw from:

BrAun Silk Epil 9

I’m a big fan of epilating, it’s just as practical, quick and easy as shaving, but it keeps you fuzz-free for a lot longer. Yes, it is painful to start with, but stick with it! I’ve noticed after two years of epilating, I hardly get any hair growing on my legs anymore. The BrAun Silk Epil 9 is a mush have if you want your legs to look summer ready. It comes with six different attachments including the epilator, a shaver, trimmer cap, exfoliation brush head, Facial cap, skin contact cap. This clever device will leave your legs super smooth for weeks!

You can buy the BrAun Silk Epil 9 at


Seventeen Make up

Seventeen is the first brand of make up I remember buying when I was a teenager and it has only got better over the years. I got quite a haul from Seventeen this year and I am loving the quality of the products. With many new make up brands hitting the high streets, I still like to use the trusted brands I’m familiar with.

In this haul I got :

The Cheek Stamp Blush This is super cute and even has a little mirror, I really love the whole design of this one. 

Brow’s That! Brow Kit- This palette is perfect for creating flawless brows.

All Out Pout Lip Palette Fancy Free- Beautiful colours to make your lips stand out.

Skin Wow Primer- This primer is amazing, not only does it leave your skin super soft but it also gives it a gorgeous glow.

Falsifeye HD Mascara- The mascara really is HD. It will leave you looking and feeling like a movie star!

Stay Pout Lipstick- This bright red lippy kind of reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. It really makes your lips stand out and look fantastic.

Eye Eye Crayon- The blue colour gives you a real fresh summer look that lasts all day.

You can find these stunning products and more from the Seventeen collection at

Ben & Jerry’s Lip Balm 

If you’re a Ben & Jerry’s fan like me then you will love these fun lip balms. Not only do they smell just like the famous ice-cream, but they leave your lips super soft and prevent them from drying out in the heat. You can find these fun lip balms at

Aveeno Moisturiser

This cooling moisturiser is perfect to use after you have been in the sun, it works instantly, absorbing into the skin leaving it silky smooth. Aveeno is definitely a beauty bag must-have, I use this on my face before applying my make up and my foundation simply glides on and my skin looks radiant.

You can buy Aveeno products from

Lord & Berry Contour Palette

I’ve become quite a big fan of Lord & Berry over the last few months, I first tried their range back in march and they quickly became a regular addition to my make-up collection. When you watch the contouring videos on You Tube, they all make it look really easy. In reality, contouring and blending is kind of an art and it takes a while to learn the tricks and create the perfect look. In this Lord & Berry palette, they have added a step by step guide on how and where to apply the different shades to compliment your skin tone. It really is worth it once you get the hang of it. And it’s always fun playing around with make up to create different looks.

You can buy this palette at

Atkinsons Shave Balm

Beauty isn’t just for us girls. Our men deserve to be pampered too. My hubby has quite sensitive skin, so when it comes to shaving his skin can sometimes be left feeling very sore and inflamed. After hunting around trying all kinds of products that promised to soothe his poor face, we discovered this clever balm from Atkinson’s. After applying the balm, his face instantly felt cool and refreshed. Unlike most shave balms that can give our men quite a stinging feeling, the Atkinsons shave balm was very calming and refreshing. It also left his face feeling super smooth and kissable. You can buy this high-quality shave balm at 

With Father’s Day coming up, why not treat the man in your life to this luxury balm.


Sachajun hair in the sun is most definitely a holiday must have, we all know that when you visit different countries, your hair can be affected by the change in humidity. Our skin care routines change with the seasons and so should our hair care. We often overlook the effect sun exposure has on our hair. Sun damage is not just bad for your skin, it can also leave your locks dry, damaged and brittle. This is where Sachajuan can help. Not only does it protect your hair from the harmful rays, it also leaves it feeling healthy, glossy and vibrant. Combined with a UVA filter which is long-lasting, it even carries on protecting your hair when it’s wet. This is definitely one product that should be in your beach bag this Summer.

You can buy Sachajuan Hair In The Sun at

Vichy Sun Products

Vichy has quickly become a well-known skin brand and it’s no wonder it’s so popular. Vichy’s skincare range gives your skin exactly what it craves. I first tried their enriching creams last year and fell in love with the brand. With the weather getting hotter, We need to start thinking about protecting our skin. We all love to get a nice tan but we also have to think of the best ways to protect our skin. Vichy’s suncare range are most definitely coming traveling with me this year. The handy  sunblock stick is perfect to keep in your bag to touch up your skin throughout the day and the cooling aftersun is so soothing and calming on your shoulders after a day at the beach.

You can buy these glorious sun products at

Olverum Bath Oil

Essential oils have been used on our skin for hundreds of years and have been proven to have so many benefits.  Olverum (true oil) is a unique and luxurious aromatic blend of essential oils. You only need a few drops in your bath to feel its relaxing effects. The carefully chosen extracts combine to help soak away the stresses of the day and help you to unwind. You can buy this luxury tranquil bath oil at

Coconut Haircare 

Coconut oil has so many beauty benefits and my hair seems to absolutely LOVE it! The Faith In Nature Conditioner is more of a day-to-day conditioner whereas the Shea Moisture Hair mask is an intensive treatment that I use once a week. An aroma of sweet, rich coconut fills the shower when I use these products and I’ve had so many compliments on how amazing my hair looks and smells. My hair is prone to frizziness and can be a bit wild sometimes, but these amazing coconut conditioners tame my hair leaving it soft, smooth and easy to manage.

You can buy the Shea Moisture Hair Mask at

And the Faith In Nature Conditioner at

Magic Bronzer

It kind of makes you want to cringe a little when you see someone with a lovely tan, but they have covered their face in foundation that doesn’t quite match the rest of their skin! Magic Minerals Bronzer by Jerome Alexander not only gives you an amazing summer glow that lasts all day. It not only acts as a concealer, but it also leaves your skin with a flawless shimmer.

You can buy the magic bronzer kit at

I highly recommend checking out the products in my Summer haul. Let us know in the comments what your Summer beauty essentials are! Hope you all have a relaxing beautiful Summer!


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