Summer Holiday Fun With The Bic Drawy App


The new Bic Drawy app…

takes colouring to a whole new level. Not only can you play games but you can also make your drawings come to life. Drawy Book is for children aged between 5-10 but Connor (aged 4) really enjoyed using the app.


Connor really liked the fact he could add his name. I think it makes it that little bit more personal. You can choose between Easy, Medium and hard. We chose the easy mode as Connor is quite young.


Connor is getting to the age now where he’s starting to sound out words and learn to read. He really enjoyed the story and the interactive bits were great.


This book was perfect for Connor’s interests. He has become slightly obsessed with space and planets over the last month or so. He can now name all the main planets and even the dwarf planets! As he was colouring in the planets in the book, he was telling me all their names and he was very careful to use the right colours.


 After colouring in his space rocket, Connor couldn’t wait to make it take off! By simply holding the Ipad above the page, it was able to pick up the image and make it come to life. I’m a great believer in keeping our kid imaginations alive for as long as possible and little things like this really bring the magic into their lives. With the summer weather in the U.K being very unpredictable, this fantastic colouring book and app is perfect for rainy day fun!

Find out more about the brilliant Drawy app HERE 

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