Summer Holiday Fun! Bratzillaz™ are ready for a magic night out

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The Bratzillaz™ academy is hosting its first-ever dance and the Bratzillaz™ girls are certainly dressed to impress in their new witchy-glam fashions, ready to dance the night away.


In our search to cover all things ‘Summer Holiday’ friendly for 2013 and to show you the most exciting toys, places and activities to keep the kids entertained, we’ve spotted the fabulous new Bratzillaz™ Magic Night Out™ dolls that can really dance – simply twist their waist and watch them move.

Each doll comes with a light-up wand that transforms into a light-up broomstick – providing the perfect entrance to the party! Also included with the dolls is a broomstick themed hairbrush and a doll stand.


Included in the new range are original characters: Jade J’Adore™, Meygana Broomstix™, Sashabella Paws™, Cloetta Spelletta™ and Yasmina Clairvoya™, as well as brand new character Vampelina™. Vampelina™ has the magical power to see in the dark. Her favourite class is Noctical broom flight (that’s flying in the dark!).


Bratzillaz™ are the witchy glam cousins of the original Bratz™ dolls. They study at an exclusive fashion magic academy known as the ‘Bratzillaz™ Academy’, where they learn magical powers to do good for all those around them.


Bratzillaz™ dolls are suitable for ages six years plus, priced at around £24.99 and available from all good toy retailers nationwide. Great Summer Holiday fun!

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