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As the seasons change, I always love going on a bit of a shopping spree for my home. This time, I decided to show you what I got in my haul..

Milk Bottles & Heart Shaped Bowls

The kitchen has got to be my favourite room in the house. I love to bake and create yummy goodies for the family. I love anything retro or kind of 50’s style, so when I came across these cute milk bottles, I had to have them. The kids love having their milk after school in these bottles along with their snacks.

Unfortunately, When the heart-shaped bowls were delivered, two of them were broken. I was quite disappointed but after a quick tweet to Wilko, they arranged to send me out some new ones. They arrived the next day. They are for dips but they are the perfect size to put a few healthy snacks in for a summer BBQ or an after school snack. You can buy all these gorgeous items for a bargain price at

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection

Like many, I am a huge fan of Yankee Candles so when they bought out this fantastic new range, I had to try it out. These gorgeous candles really bought the scent of summer into our home. Before I even opened the box, I could already smell the beautiful aromas of the candles. Even the postman commented that his van was smelling lovely after having them in the back all morning! These new summer fragrances really make you feel like you’re right there in the Riviera.

My favorite has to be the Summer Peach. This sweet scent is absolutely delicious and really makes our home smell like we’re sat enjoying the sun in a peach orchard. My second favorite was the Riviera Escape. While I was burning this heavenly scent, I closed my eyes and could picture myself in the south of France relaxing on the veranda enjoying the sunshine.

My second favorite was the Riviera Escape. While I was burning this heavenly scent, I closed my eyes and could picture myself in the south of France relaxing on the veranda enjoying the sunshine.

After treating my partner to the full barbershop collection of Yankee candles, he has now fallen in love with these popular candles just as I have. After giving the Riviera collection a good sniff, he claimed the Sea salt & sage one for his man cave and enjoys burning it in the evenings while he’s reading his favorite books. This is a very fresh scent that leaves the room smelling divine.

The Olive and Thyme scent is a beautiful musky smell that lingers in the air. I felt this was more of an evening candle and the scent was quite romantic and relaxing.

You can find the Riviera collection at

Brita Fill & Serve

Enjoy a cool refreshment on a hot summers day with this fantastic Brita fill & serve. I love the elegant shape of this carafe. The clever carafe comes with an activated carbon filter that guarantees fresh water! You can definitely tell the difference between filtered and unfiltered water. The filtered water is a lot lighter and purer. The sleek shape of the carafe means it fits perfectly in the fridge ready to grab throughout the day to stay hydrated. You can find these amazing carafe Here

Filofax Ipad Case

When it comes to makeup, I love to try different styles. I follow most of the other beauty bloggers on YouTube. The biggest problem I have is when my Ipad IS leant up against the wall, I’m trying to copy the styles of these fantastic techniques and bang, my iPad slips and I have to prop it up again. After hunting around online, I came across these clever cases from Filofax.

Not only can you prop your Ipad up, but it also has a clever swivel so you can easily get your iPad in the right position. This case comes in various styles but I had to choose the Summer butterfly one. This style kind of reminds me of the Cath Kidston style which I absolutely love! These fantastic cases even come with a notepad attached so as you are watching your favourite beauty blogger, you can take notes!

Grab yours here >

Letter Lanterns

I came across the letter room website a while ago and discovered they have some stunning items. They are very unique and you can personalise just about everything! These letter lanterns caught my eye and thought they would look perfect in the garden on a summer evening. My partner and I are due to get married next summer so I chose the K & D letters as I thought they would look gorgeous on our wedding day and very romantic.

You can find these and many other beautiful items at

Hope you all have a fabulous Summer!



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