4 Reasons a Self Tan Will Be The Only Tan We Wear This Summer.

。。Self Tanning V The Real Thing。。

Summer is upon us and we are counting down the days! If there is one thing we Brits do not take for granted… it is the sun! We live in a country famous for its grey clouds and rainfall so it is no surprise that people grab what little sun we do get with both hands. We say go for it too! The Sunshine makes us happier, more sociable people, so celebrate that summer shine with gusto. We do!

It may come as a shock to you then, that we prefer a sunless tan to give us our summer glow.

St Tropez Professional from Ellisons is our professional tan of choice.

So, without further ado, here are the reasons a sunless tan will be the only tan we wear this summer

。。 It is safer 。。

Cancer research state that applying a sunless tan product to your skin is healthier for your skin and safer than tanning in the sun or under a sunbed. The sun is the number-one cause of skin cancer and UV lights from tanning beds are just as harmful. We all love a tan, but not at the expense of our own health.

Whilst in the short term the sun may make your skin look and feel better, prolonged exposure reduces skin elasticity and can cause premature ageing.

For us, it is a no-brainer! Stay safe! Look after your skin! Wear sunless.


。。 It looks better 。。

When you self-tan you can ensure that the end result is a balanced even-looking tan. Streak and tan line free. When you tan in the sun it is extremely difficult under typical circumstances, (ahem!) to achieve a mark free look. Clothing straps, bag straps and even spectacles and sunglasses can leave marks creating a less than perfect look. When you apply your own your skin will look natural and flawless.

。。 It is easier 。。

Decide you want a tan… ✓

Go to the store and buy tan… ✓

Apply tan… ✓

Done… ✓

Simple! Right! Simpler than waiting for a rare British summer day or booking a summer holiday that’s for sure. It is also the perfect option for when you need a tan and you need it now. Girl’s night out? Spring weddings? Festival season? Sorted!

。。 You are in control 。。

When you self-tan you have complete control over how much tan you apply and the products that you use. If you want a light glow, you got it. If you want a richer tan, you can layer your colour accordingly.

And… because your tan has been applied evenly, it will fade evenly too. Everything will be perfectly balanced.


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