Terminator Salvation: The future begins. Review & Analysis


Since last Wednesday when Terminator was released I have continually heard mixed reviews, some people saying it was amazing, some people saying Terminator fans will be disappointed; as a Terminator fan I can officially say I LOVED every second of the 115 minutes!

I was worried about the continuation without Arnold Schwarzenegger, how could it possibly be Terminator without “Asta-La-Vista baby”?!

The film is set in 2018 and John Conner (Christian Bale) is desperately searching for Kyle Reese, his father who will be sent back in time to save Sarah Conner (John’s Mum) and father John; while having this immense stress on his shoulders he is still trying to earn respect from the Resistance who fail to believe he is “The One”, while fighting for survival against the Terminators.
In L.A. Kyle Reese comes across Marcus Wright, a man whose last memory was being on Death Row before the war and so together they set on a path to find John Conner.

With Skynet being much more advanced than the resistance realised, the question is, has Wright been sent from the future or rescued from the past?

Terminator Salvation does have a different feel to the earlier films, but is more in touch with the first Terminator, when it was more of a horror movie. The second Terminator was more humorous to suit the child’s interaction with the robot and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines had far better graphics but failed to grasp the fans like the earlier films; I believe Christian Bale has brought back the magic lost in the third sequel and given the Terminator fixation more purpose, more thrill and left me wanting more. Another excellent cast was Anton Yelchin who plays Kyle Reese, he obviously had studied Michael Biehn (who played Reese in the earlier films) and caught the atmosphere perfectly. Sam Worthington, Wright, also deserves a mention for bringing some serious muscles back into the film and often sent shivers down my spine.

T600s, who are a grade down from the T800, (more widely known as Arnold Schwarzenegger) ruled the film with their sleek look, which erased the creepy feel formed Terminators created, on the plus side, the film had amazing graphics, an equally amazing plot and so much more to move on from with the two sequels that are rumoured to follow.

Girls, if your going on a date and need a reason to cling on to your dates hand then this is the perfect film, and if you love the earlier films, then even better!

As always, thanks for reading.


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