Thank Your Wedding Guests with These Fun Party Favours

Although your wedding day is all about celebrating the happy couple, you have guests there for a reason. You want to share your special day with them, and you’re appreciative of everyone who comes and does just that. Naturally, you want to show your appreciation, and one of the ways many couples choose to do that is with wedding favours. Leaving everyone a little gift at their table is just one way you can thank them for coming, and perhaps give them something to remember the day. Many couples choose to give sweeties or chocolates, but there are lots of other options you can try.

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Get Creative with Sweets

If you want to give everyone some sweets but aren’t crazy about traditional sugared almonds, there are lots of others to choose from. Once you have some beautiful favour boxes from Paper Themes or a similar supplier, you can fill them with whatever you want. Pick some vintage sweeties, like rhubarb and custards or midget gems to go with your vintage-themed wedding. Or pick something fun like candy necklaces. You could even have personalised sweets or chocolates made, with your guests’ name or your names on them.

Try Other Sweet Treats

You don’t have to go with boxes of sweets if you want to give your guests something tasty. You could give everyone a bite-sized cake, present little smoothies in vintage milk bottles or give them some biscuits to take home. If you’re doing a DIY wedding, homemade treats will delight everyone, and you can show off your baking or confectionary skills.

Something for the Kitchen

Steering away from sweets but sticking with edible things, there’s lots you can offer your guests for their kitchen cupboards. It’s easy to make a simple bottle of fragrant olive oil or a jar of homemade jam looking charming and more sophisticated than it is. It’s a good idea to give everyone something they can take home, instead of having to eat it right there and then. Every time they use it they’ll remember your special day.

Something for the Home

Another way to give your guests something they can keep is by choosing something they can display and use in their homes. If you don’t have many guests or you have a larger budget, you can afford to get everyone something a bit more substantial. For example, you might get each guest a candle or candle holder. You could also give them a bottle stopper, a coaster or even a photo frame. You can personalise all of these things to make them extra special.

Unusual Favours

If you’re determined not to be like everyone else, you can look for unique wedding favours. Retailers like Not on the High Street have lots of options, from packets of seeds to handkerchiefs. Or you can make something yourself, from scratch, so no one has favours like yours.

Choosing your party favours is one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding. And seeing the delight on your guests’ faces will be worth the effort.

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