The 3G iphone Mania Rages On!

So, you can’t go anywhere online right now without hearing something about the new 3G iphone. Demand is so high right now that sadly only a small handful of people who want an iphone can actually manage to get their hands on one! With devoted iphone addicts queuing up outside stores
hours before opening only to be told “Sorry we’ve run out of stock” or that there were no more 16GB models left it makes me wonder how may of you will be desperately trying to get hold of the hottest gadget on the planet in the coming weeks, and how many of you will just be waiting until demand has died down a little?

Is having the iPhone NOW right this minute, and being one of the first to get your hands on one important to you? Are you breaking out into a cold sweat just thinking about holding the 3G iPhone in your grubby little paws, or like me are you thinking that maybe it’s just best to hold fire until the madness dies down a little?

Admittedly, I’d love the new iPhone right now, but I’m not going to resort to drastic measures to get one! Some of the new features look absolutely amazing but the thing that I’m still pondering over is can it really live up to my beloved Blackberry Curve?

Here’s a video link to one of my favourite iphone reviews so far by the girls over at Shiny Shiny, check it out then make sure you pop back and leave a comment letting us know your thoughts on this iPhone mania!

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