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Five became two last Wednesday night when Sir Alan went and fired three of my favourite people from the series! So ladies, it’s an all girl final; if we were back in the nineties I would be screaming “Girl Power” right about now!

Sunday night came and it was Kate VS Yasmina, or the series favourite VS the underdog as the bookies would have put it. This was a wonderful step forward for feminists everywhere; both of these ladies won their place in the final without flirting, wearing low cut tops or trying to charm the pants off of Sir Alan – who is definitely not one to be fooled easily. These ladies got there through pure motivation, business strength and professionalism. We should be proud.

The fact that there was only one lonely man left in the semi-final was a great achievement and should help to knock men down a peg or two in offices everywhere – myself personally having comments about “women should be the ones making the tea and coffee” made daily in a work place ruled by men.

Every single one of the ladies had worked hard, without arrogance and gained their respect far better than the men; one of which will be known forever as Pants Man (Phil) and  another for boasting of a job acceptance he didn’t even accept (dare I even mention Sandhurst?!).

Ok, enough of my feminist rant!! On Wednesday after a day of being broken down by Sir Alan’s business friends, the first of the five to be five was James. Oh my hilarious James! Anyone that compares his Apprentice experience with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a winner in my books! He is an excellent team player and an understanding team leader; usually I agree with Sir Alan but this time I do believe him to have been wrong James had a lot of fight in him and I think he will be a brilliant member of any work force.

Another unforeseen favourite of mine was Lorraine who was next to go. In Sir Alan’s defence she was always rubbing people up the wrong way and so for that reason she was fired, along with the fact she lied on her C.V. which she still claims to be a mistake. Fool!

I admit, I really wanted Deborah to be in final and I thought Sir Alan was leaning that way too at one point. Although in earlier episodes I had found her all ego and guns blazing I soon realised she just really wanted the job and was constantly wanting to impress Sir Alan, but why she ever choose references that didn’t like her I’ll never know. It was a shame to see her go as she seemed to be more valuable, hardworking and motivated than both Kate and Yasmina.

So we were left with just Kate “robot” Walsh and Yasmina “I own a restaurant” Siadatan and their task was to create a box of chocolates! Yasmina proved her business approach by spending more time on the box, the advertisement and presentation rather than the taste of the chocolate, which James correctly pointed out “they could be fixed at a later date”. With only 2 days to win Sir Alan’s confidence Kate was silly to focus so much time into chocolate tasting and should have worked more on her idea.

Kate was constantly proving how flawless she is, perfect at interviews, perfect appearance and perfect sales woman; but unfortunately her unblemished reputation failed to win Sir Alan over and he chose Yasmina, for her already business-focused past, her attentiveness and hardworking aroma.

The Underdog won.

But was Yasmina ever really an underdog in the competition? From the start we knew how successful she already was without the help of Sir Alan, but her diligent performance was often overlooked in the editing room in favour for arguments, love stories and quotes from James. I still think for entertainment purposes James or Deborah should have won, but from the business point of view that rules Sir Alan he did make the right choice.

As always, thanks for reading!

Anna-Louise x

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