The Best Free Online Games for Girls

It’s no surprise that a lot of girls don’t take more of an interest in the world of gaming. But gaming might not be exactly what you think it is. It doesn’t have to be about those boring games aimed at girls or those violent shooter games. There are plenty of things in between, as this list will show you.

If you’ve run out of online games to play, try out these!


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Combining serenity and addictiveness is not something that many games manage to do successfully, but flOw does. You’re a weird sea creature that swims in the dark depths of the ocean, eating other creatures and evolving.

There is some danger in the game though. There’s always the chance that you can get eaten by a bigger predator. It’s a very impressionistic game though; you can get quickly captivated by the graphics.

Fishy Waters

Some games just help you wind down and offer something easy and laid back. That’s what Fishy Waters does. During the game, all you do is go out on your fishing boat and catch as many fish as possible. The more fish you catch, the better your equipment gets.

If you’re tired of conventional games where you’re constantly dying and being killed by big beasts, Fishy Waters offers you something fresh and new.

Strike Force Kitty 2

Ever wanted to play a game as a gang of cats? Well, that’s exactly what Strike Force Kitty 2 lets you do. This is a simple 2D platform game, and you can find it at Playberry. You make your way through various levels, upgrading your skills as you go.

The most interesting thing about Strike Force Kitty though is the way in which the scenario is set up. A gang of foxes are trying to take over the cat world and defeat you. So you have to work together to beat the foxes.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Be honest, you already want to play this game, don’t you? With a name like Robot Unicorn Attack, I don’t blame you. It’s a deceptively simple game though there’s not a lot of work involved in playing it.

It’s an auto-running game, so you don’t even have to make the unicorns move! All you have to do is help the unicorns make the jump across the big gaps they face. It’s simple but pretty addictive too.


There are a lot of Minecraft imitations in the gaming world. You might think that there’s nothing better than the original game, but Wayward offers an interesting spin on the game. It’s a simple 16-bit game, but it’s a great time-killer.

It’s a game all about survival, and there’s a lot more depth than we’ve come to expect from a basic online game. You have to stay alive while wandering through the landscape and taking on foes.

You might think that there aren’t that many games out there that don’t conform to the usual macho stereotypes of gaming. But, as this list shows, there are actually lots of interesting games, all for free. So, try some of these out today.


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