The Breed Competition!

Starring Michelle Rodriguez (Lost, S.W.A.T.) and Oliver Hudson (Dawson’s Creek), THE BREED is a jump-out-of-your-seat thriller about a group of friends on vacation that become prey to a sinister pack of killer dogs. Produced by visionary filmmaker Wes Craven, THE BREED is available to own and rent on DVD from Monday 27th August from Pathe Distribution Ltd.breedlrg.jpg

Two young brothers John (Hudson) and Matt (Eric Lively – American Pie) head to an exotic island, once home to their deceased uncle, for a week of fun and relaxation. Joined by Matt’s girlfriend Nicki (Rodriguez), Sara (Taryn Manning – 8 Mile), and a friend Noah (Hill Harper – CSI: NY), the party begins…

The group are soon joined by a seemingly innocent stray puppy found wandering nearby the house and they learn that the island was once controlled by a special canine research unit. Later that evening when Sara follows the puppy outside, she is viciously attacked by another dog. Fearing the bite may carry


the rabies infection, the friends decide to leave the island early. However their sea plane has been set adrift by a larger pack of dogs.

The friends soon find themselves fighting for their lives against the breed of mutated canines, genetically engineered to hunt and kill, who don’t intend on the group making it off the island alive. Outnumbered and trapped, the five struggle to outsmart and outrun this terrifying species.

Hunt down your copy of The Breed on DVD from Monday 27th August 2007 and bite into special features including a behind-the-scenes ‘Making-of’ and ‘Production Photographic Gallery’


For your chance to win a copy of “The Breed” and a Portable DVD player (worth £85) to play it on, simply answer the easy question below:

The Breed Features A Pack Of Vicious Wild?

A) Bees
B) Lion’s
C) Dog’s


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