The Cavalliert Experience

Girlie Gossip was recently invited to come along and experience some of the wonderful Cavalliert beauty treatments first hand. How could we possibly resist such a tempting offer?!

We sent Girlie Gossip staff member Sandy along to the Cavalliert Retreat to be well and truly pampered and here’s what she had to say:

I was invited in and given a lovely cup of green tea and asked to fill in a questionnaire regarding my health and nutrition, The therapist was also a trained nutritionist and rieke practitioner.

She went through the things I should consider changing in my diet, i.e. drinking less coffee having fruit for breakfast etc less dairy. I changed into a robe and laid on a chaise lounge with classical music in the background, apparently a lot of the treatments go on in your own home rather than the salon.

The therapist was a maritime lawyer but gave it up to do this; she had acne when she was younger until she discovered the herbs made at `cavallieratos couple who have been producing their natural skincare products in their laboratory from plants grown on this farm’.

Their products do not have fancy packaging as they realise it harms the environment but still come beautifully presented.

I had the facial which must have lasted at least 1 hour and also had a head massage and lymphatic drainage techniques were used whilst having a shoulder massage. I felt really dizzy afterwards and she said this is normal. It all smelt lovely as it was all natural herbs

I was given a treatment card which says name skin type sensitive and dry, Overall good skin with good elasticity and tone, sensitivity + redness notices on cheeks indicating stomach acidity and hormonal imbalance, no sign of premature aging. Needs soothing and nourishing treatments.

(she also thought I might have polycystic ovaries which I will get checked out.)

Here are my own notes and recommendations given to me:

used lait dermaquillant to remove makeup with instructions on how to apply this daily to cleanse face

lotion tonic

top secret

creme antisolare deux soleils

masque no 3- twice a week 30 minutes

anaplastiki day creme

cypress cream – night cream

All in all I had a completely relaxing and enjoyable treatment session from Cavalliert and would recommend it to anyone who is in need of being pampered or a quick pick me up. Highly reccomended by Girlie Gossip!

For more info visit:
Phone: 0208 5684565

Sandy – Girlie Gossip Review Staff

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