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We try to review a wide range of movies here on Girlie Gossip, not always just your average girlie chick flic so with that in mind this week we decided to bring you our thoughts on the new Jessica Alba horror film ‘The Eye’

Jessica Alba plays Sydney Wells a blind woman who decides to undergo laser surgery to restore her vision. What she doesn’t bank on however is the disturbingly realistic visions she gets once her eyesight has returned. Of course one by one her friends and family begin to think that she has lost the plot, believing that rather than witnessing anything paranormal she’s experiencing some kind of psychotic trauma due to the surgery and her ability to see again.

With everything from creepy little kids appearing, spooky black shadows and a strange woman in the mirror who doesn’t resemble Sydney the movie is actually pretty well paced and surprisingly enjoyable at times despite the very bad reviews we’ve read to the contrary.

I’ll confess now that I’m not really a fan of Jessica Alba in … well, anything to be honest but I have to admit that this is definitely one of her stronger performances in a lead role. She portrays Sydney’s blindness convincingly and with that little spark of independence and attitude that was needed to carry it off believably.

The twist at the end was very well played, and surprisingly tense! Whilst I haven’t actually seen the original foreign language movie, I would suspect it was far scarier but for a Hollywood remake this movie is actually pretty damn watchable! It’s never going to be as good as the remake of ‘The Ring’ but if you are looking for a movie with a few decent scares to pass the evening then this would still be a great choice.

Girlie Gossip gives The Eye 3/5 stars.

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