On the 30th of June, 2008 Nick Hornby wrote:

“For the first nineteen years of his life, Johnny Razor wasn’t Johnny Razor at all. He was Malcolm Weatherly, and he was born in Mile End Underground station on the night of 17th September 1940.” These are the opening 35 words of The Forever Story.

A story that will be written, not by one author, but many. It’s an innovative online concept that will be launched 11th August and will encourage people to contribute to the world’s longest collectively-written story. The more people who join in, the longer the story will be, and the more money will be raised for children who find it hard to join in; children with Autism.

There are around 100,000 children with Autism in the UK, with around half a million family members directly affected by the condition. We want to raise awareness of the work Treehouse does to alleviate the often huge financial and emotional pressures associated with looking after a child with Autism and raise the much needed money so their work can continue.

For every single contribution to the story via our website www.theforeverstory.com <http://www.theforeverstory.com>, TalkTalk will donate £1 to Treehouse. We want to reach TalkTalk’s donation target of £50,000 and to do that we’d like people to have the opportunity to write alongside some of the world’s most well-known and respected writers.

What we need from you? Just 35 or so words to continue our community-driven epic. The result of which will be more donations to Treehouse.

We already have the support of Nick Hornby who opens our story and more writers are poised to contribute. We’d love you to be amongst them.

We’re gearing up now in preparation for the start of a story that everyone should be compelled to participate in.

How to contribute to The Forever Story:

If you would like to join The Forever Story to help write the longest story every, please visit the website http://www.theforeverstory.com

We’ve no doubt that The Forever Story has the power to get people writing (and talking). We very much hope you can help us and Treehouse by taking part in it.

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