The Girlie Gossip Best of 2008 Awards

It has been an amazing year here at Girlie Gossip and we’ve featured a wide range of fabulous fashion, beauty and cosmetic products as...

It has been an amazing year here at Girlie Gossip and we’ve featured a wide range of fabulous fashion, beauty and cosmetic products as well as some of the best new talent in the entertainment and media industry. A select few of them have made it into our best of 2008 awards and we are pleased to reveal the list of the winners below! Keep reading to see who won what, and why we loved them!…Here are the winners below from each category and a bit about why we decided to give them an award!

Best Jewellery Gifts
WINNER !! – TalesFromTheEarth.Com

Who They Are – Twenty years ago, two young designers, Jo Culf and John DeCosta, met in Edinburgh. We were both travelling around the world at the time and, as a result of that serendipitous encounter, Tales From The Earth was born – as much by chance as through planning.

Why they won – Because they provide high quality, unique jewellery pieces and trinkets that are simply stunning. Their prices are reasonable and their delivery is fast and secure.

Best Spa Products
WINNER !! – Waterfall Spa

Who Are They? – A Ladies only Day Spa offering luxury Spa Facilities in the heart of busy city centre locations.

Why They Won – Because they cater to a woman’s every need, with luxurious high quality products that help you look, feel and smell divine. They are the ultimate in pampering!

Best Eco Friendly Gift Website

WINNER !! – BigGreenSmile.Com

Who They Are – Their aim is to provide you with an informative and friendly environment in which to browse and purchase a wide range of products that make a positive contribution to the environment.

Why They Won
– Because their products are amazing quality and they make a conscious effort to stock natural and eco friendly products and gifts. Their website is fast, easy to navigate and you can find a gift for anyone!

Best Online Cosmetics Website

WINNER !! – BeautyCounterDirect.Com

Who They Are – Beauty Counter Direct is the fabulous online beauty shop where you can save up to 70% on discounted designer beauty products. With a wide range of products for both men and women you can choose from skincare products, designer fragrances, discount cosmetics, hair care, self tanning and grooming products all at a fraction of high street prices.

Why They Won – Because their prices are the best we have ever seen online and they stock an amazing variety of quality gifts and products. Their staff are friendly and professional and their website is fast, secure and easy to use. Real value for money! We love them!

Best New Alcoholic Drink 2008
WINNER !! – Echo Falls Spritz

Who They Are – Echo Falls Wine recently launched their new Echo Falls Spritz which provides a lighter drinking alternative to a glass of wine. One 250ml bottle of Echo Falls Spritz is the equivalent to just one unit of alcohol, so you can quench your thirst, enjoying one of the refreshing new varieties; either the Chardonnay (white) – zesty and refreshing with a light sparkle and subtle lemon-lime fruit flavours, or the White Zinfandel (rose) – lively and refreshing, with a light sparkle and bursting with sweet summer berry fruits.

Why They Won
– Because they are light, fruity and easy on your waistline! They come in cute glass bottles and are just perfect for enjoying after work or with your girlfriends!

Best New Non Alcoholic Drink 2008

WINNER !! – V Water

Who They Are – V WATER is the super water that combines pure spring water with vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. Low in sugar, it’s the intelligent way to hydrate with the healthy added-advantage of keeping your RDAs topped up. The V WATER range includes six delicious variants that only pack 10 calories per 100ml and are full of natural extracts that are specifically suited to match your mood.

Why They Won – Because they are much more exciting than water, and contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that help you live a healthier lifestyle. Great for drinking on the go! You can get them at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s Local, Fresh and Wild plus gyms and delis across the UK

Most Exciting New Food Product 2008
WINNER !! – Biccies – The Unique Edible Gift

What They Are – Whether you are wishing someone a Happy Birthday, Happy Halloween or even saying sorry for something, let Biccies say it for you!

Why They Won – Because they are deliciously decorated and taste yummy! A brilliant edible gift idea that we absolutely love, can you imagine receiving these instead of a card this year, I know we can!

Best New Skincare Product 2008

WINNER !! – Lulu’s Bombshell Body and Timebomb

What They Are – Lightweight, moisturising Body Products from singing sensation Lulu that keep your skin young and fresh!

Why They Won – Because they are refreshing, moisturising and feel soft and light on your skin. They come beautifully packaged and are great for everyday use.

Best Pet Products 2008
WINNER !! – Dog adorers wrist walker and Ankle Anchor

Who They Are – Dog Adorers was unleashed in August 2007 from my own experiences and after watching dog owners struggle with a multitude of tasks whilst dog walking. It became apparent that sometimes we simply don’t have enough hands to carry the shopping, push the pushchair or comfort a child, to name a few – and walk the dog at the same time!

Why They Won – Because their products are genuinely useful in everyday situations for pet owners. They are well designed, great quality and good value for money!

Best Book of 2008
WINNER !! – Holly’s Inbox – Scandal in the city

What Is It? – Imagine reading someone else’s emails, keeping up with their day to day life, their gossip and romantic situations. You can do just that, by viewing busy receptionist Holly Denham’s email inbox. Sequel to the popular first Novel Holly’s Inbox.

Why It Won – Because it is completely addictive reading, a new and unique concept and a genuinely fun and entertaining read!

Best Internet Project 2008
WINNER !! – Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

What Is It? – The best internet Supervillain Musical in the world. Ever.

Why It Won – Because it is the brainchild of the legendary Joss Whedon (BTVS, Firefly, Angel) and Maurissa Tancharden, Jed Whedon and Zack Whedon. It stars the amazing Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia day and has some of the most hilarious, dramatic, moving songs and scenes in the history of musicals. It is a must see, trust us!

Best New TV Show 2008
WINNER !! – True Blood

What It Is – A bold and daring new TV Series in which Vampires are living amongst the residents of a small town. Some choose to live in the community and survive on the synthetic blood drink Tru Blood.

Why It Won – Because the acting and storylines are bold, daring and refreshingly different! It features some fantastic characters and is a brilliant mix of sexy, exciting and dramatic action!

Best New Female Star 2008

WINNER !! – Felicia Day

Who She Is – Star of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Guild and much more Felicia is fast becoming a popular talent and has a strong online and worldwide fan-base.

Why She Won – We interviewed her earlier in the year about her role as Penny in the Dr Horrible Musical and she is friendly, down to earth and set for BIG things, so watch out!

Best New Male Star 2008
WINNER !! – Giles Alderson

Who He Is – Giles Alderson is a British Actor who has been in various movies incuding Night Junkies and I Want Candy (Alongside Carmen Electra)

Why He Won – Because he is hot, talented and set to star in plenty of great new movies in 2009 – Watch this space girls!

Special Honorary Award
WINNER !! Stephanie Meyer

This special honorary award goes to Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight novels. For giving us here at Girlie Gossip and fans all around the world hours of romance and suspense and some of the best loved Characters ever created. Thank you for allowing us to escape our day to day lives and step into a world where Vampires exist, true love conquers all, and men can truly dazzle us. Here’s to more Twilight books to come! (Hopefully… please!)

That’s it for this year folks! We’ve loved featuring every one of you and would like to take this opportunity to wish all Girlie Gossip readers a very merry Christmas and all the best for a cracking 2009!

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