The Hills Lauren and Heidi Drama Continues


I’ve been watching the MTV show The Hills since it first began, after liking Laguna Beach it seemed like the next logical step to watch Lauren and Heidi start their new life in LA. What I didn’t realise at the time was just how much the show would turn into a weekly catfight between the two girls and how immature its stars could be at times….

If you haven’t been watching, let me fill you in. Lauren Conrad and her best friend (at the time) Heidi Montag up and moved to LA sharing a house together and having lots of fun living up the party atmosphere. Soon though ‘Spencer Pratt’ appeared on the scene and Lauren took an instant disliking to Heidi’s decision to go out with him.

Press began to dub the dastardly duo Speidi (A clever play on words using Spencer and Heidi you see) Tension soon began to mount and then came the issue of the alleged ‘Sex Tape’ Lauren seems to think that Spencer and Heidi started up a rumour that there is a sex tape flying around featuring Lauren and her ex Jason (Very cute but slightly messed up guy) doing the naughty. After hearing this she ended her friendship with Heidi and the two continue to have a bitter rivalry ever since. Heidi also added fuel to the fire the other day by appearing on Letterman and putting her own slant on what happened.

Now I have to admit, that when all this drama first began I completely hated Spencer and thought that Lauren was probably in the right, but the more and more The Hills progresses the clearer it is becoming to me that Lauren seems to have some control issues going on! She isn’t happy with running just her own life, she has to control her friend’s love lives and who they can and can’t hang out with. Poor Audrina seems to be getting the brunt of things lately! To me it seems as if she’s being made fun of for daring to start seeing Justin Bobby again. Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t it her life not Lauren’s?

So recent events have made me completely change my views on Spencer and Heidi and after re watching some of the older episodes on TV recently I can certainly see how great a friend Heidi was to Lauren and hope that she realises the friendship she’s lost. At the end of the day though Heidi is probably better off without her.

If you haven’t seen The Hills yet check it out! It’s one of our favourite reality TV shows at the moment and well worth a watch.

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