The Hottest Wedding Trends in 2015

When it comes to a wedding, there are many traditions and conventions that we are expected to follow. They have been in place for...

When it comes to a wedding, there are many traditions and conventions that we are expected to follow. They have been in place for as long as we can remember. However, each year we see new brides adapt these to fit their own personality and ideas. Here are some of the most exciting new trends.

Vintage Designs

Yes, I know this is nothing new. Vintage inspired weddings have been around for a few years now. But for the bohemian bride this is great news! Vintage weddings are still very much in style. Delicate pastel shades of pinks and greens create stylish bridesmaids’ dresses. Divine lace wedding dresses speak of glamour and ooze sophistication. Art Deco jewellery is the choice of on-trend brides. Geometric shapes make for chunky accessories with the all-important wow factor guaranteed.

Wedding Themes

With vintage in vogue, there are lots of ways to recreate a retro vibe. Garden parties continue to please brides with their simple, English feel. Lace tablecloths and vintage crockery are still very much on trend. Downton Abbey continues to inspire brides to choose a lavish lady-of-the-manner theme. The Great Gatsby has evoked the spirit of the roaring twenties back into weddings. Particularly popular this year are wild west-themed weddings. With Stetson in hand, grooms are pledging their undying love at the alter. Pull up a hay bale or two and invite your guests to enjoy some rustic dining. Grab a line-dancing partner and put those cowboy boots to good use!


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Camera Drones

Classic wedding photography like that found at has endured for decades. Photography styles change over the years, with reportage a popular way to capture couples in casual poses. However, 2015 saw wedding photography enter a whole new level of innovation.  Drones are being introduced by the professionals to get even closer to the action. Aerial shots capture unique and quirky snaps. The drone is hitting the headlines.

Wedding photographers are attaching them to ‘selfie’ poles too. This creates an up-close-and-personal approach to image capturing. Candid pictures can be of every angle, and from everywhere. There is nowhere left to hide!

Multiple Tiers

A few years ago delicate cupcakes were the fashion for wedding cakes. In 2015, multiple layered cakes have surpassed their tiny counterparts. Brides have reverted to elaborate multi-tiered statement cakes once more. White is a popular classic choice of icing. Or pastel-coloured sugar paste ties in nicely with the vintage theme.

Multiple Dresses

Finding that dream wedding dress is a stressful part of wedding planning. In 2015, brides have made this a whole lot easier! No longer is the bride-to-be content with just one wedding gown. They are now seeking several! One for the ceremony. One for the reception. And even a third for partying late into the night.

The emphasis on finding ‘the one’ has now been replaced with finding ‘the three’!

Homegrown Flowers

English roses continue to be a popular choice for brides. As the quintessential symbol of romance, it’s little wonder. To modernise the classic bloom, brides are turning their attention to nature. This season sees bouquets of roses partnered by green foliage. Greenery adds a lovely contrast to the red rose. It provides a natural look too; ideal for the garden party theme.

It appears brides are mindful of the environment too. There is a move towards home-grown, seasonal varieties. Exotic blooms are being ignored in favour of British buds.

Seek inspiration for your Big Day. Or why not create a brand new trend that others will be copying in 2016?


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