The Only Way to Straighten Your Hair to Perfection

Getting your hair perfectly straight is a bit of an artform. There’s a knack to it, but once you’ve got it right, you can be sure your hair will always look professionally done. It isn’t about having poker straight hair any more! Here’s how you can straighten yours to perfection:

Wash and Blowdry

You don’t always have to start off with a wash and a blowdry, but it can help. Make sure you use products for straight hair and blowdry your hair as straight as you can. Blowdrying hair can take practice, but sometimes that’s all you need for your hair to look perfect! Many people leave the hairdressers after only having a blowdry and have great looking hair. However, it’ll depend on your hair type.

Always Use a Heat Protectant Spray

You must protect your hair from heat if you want it to look good while it’s straight. You can spray this on before you blow dry or just before you straighten. Follow the instructions on the bottle to make sure you’re using it properly. You don’t want to frazzle your hair by being careless!



Section off Layers

Most people just straighten their whole head at once to try to save time, but it’s so much better if you section it off. This way, you can really concentrate on one part of your hair at a time to make sure it looks its best.

Curve Towards the End

Instead of going straight down for that ‘poker straight’ look, curve ever so slightly towards the end. This will create a bouncier, more natural look and stop you from looking false. It’s also more flattering. The best hair straightener will help you to get the result you desire. Cheap hair straighteners are OK, but it’s better to invest. If you curve under for all of your layers, your hair will automatically look more natural and bouncy.

Backcomb at the Roots

You don’t want your straight hair to go flat at the roots, so make sure you backcomb. Backcombing is also a fine art. You want to backcomb the underneath sections of your hair and then hairspray before smoothing the top down. You don’t want any of the backcomb itself to be visible. Make sure you backcomb at the crown and not the sides to avoid making your head look wider than it is! You can also spray in a generous amount of dry shampoo to give your hair a boost!

Finish With a Shine Spray

Finally, you want to finish off with a shine spray. You can also use a hairspray, but make sure it’s a light one to avoid making your hair crunchy and stiff. Strong hairsprays can be good for up-dos, but using them for down styles will only make them look unnatural.

Use these tips and your hair will look perfect! Some things might take a little practice, but you’ll get it if you keep trying. If you have any tips you think our readers will like, then leave a comment. Thanks for reading!


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