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The time of the month, your mensies, shark week, a visit from Aunty  Flo, or getting the painters in. Regardless of which lighthearted colloquialism you choose to use, periods still suck. The bloating, the cramps, the mood swings, and feeling altogether fed up.

If there is anything that is going to make this time even slightly better, I am going to grab it with both hands. So, after hearing about The Pink Parcel we were excited to try it out and to give you our full thoughts.

We unboxed the October Box which was a Pretty in Pink edition. The box included beauty and lifestyle products in homage to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause close to our hearts. The colour pink is synonymous with breast cancer charities who provide support for those diagnosed with cancer and their families and friends too. The research that is undertaken will bring us closer to the day when this disease will be completely treatable. 

The Pink Parcel is a subscription service which retails for £12.99 per month which is designed to make your period that little bit better.


| How Does it Work? |

It is actually very simple to set up, it can be done in just a few minutes.

First, you need to select your box type. You can choose between tampons, pads or both if you prefer. Afterwards, you can select your absorbency preference and then your brand of choice too.

Secondly, tell them your dates! The Pink Parcels are delivered throughout the month so you can select a day which is closest to when your period is due.

Then finally, register, input your details, and simply sit back and wait for your Pink Parcel to arrive.

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◦◦ For Now ◦◦

The Pink Parcel was split into individual sections. I really enjoyed that aspect as it felt like a little box of presents. The ‘For Now’ section was packaged inside this drawstring pouch. Inside was a selection of pads and tampons. You simply put what you need inside this pouch and pop it

You simply put what you need inside this pouch and pop it into your bag when you are on the go.


◦◦ For Later ◦◦

The box labelled ‘For later’ had some extra tampons inside. There was a lot too.


◦◦ For Night ◦◦

The box labelled ‘For Night’ had some extra pads in it. They were extra absorbent too. Perfect!


◦◦ For You ◦◦

The final box was labelled, ‘For you,’ and I was, of course, most excited about this one, and I wasn’t disappointed.

What was inside?

♡ a sachet of green tea because tea makes everything better.

♡ a delicious salted chocolate bar from Raw Halo. The bar is made from 100% raw Peruvian chocolate and is beautifully packaged. When all else fails… we know we can rely on chocolate.

♡ Urban Veda Facial Wash

♡ a face buffing brush by Blank Canvas. I LOVE this brush! First of, its adorable and secondly it buffs my foundation perfectly. It has an even distribution and I use way less product than I would with a beauty blender.

♡ an eyeshadow pot by Cougar in

♡ a whipped velvet blush

♡ a lippy from Trifle Cosmetics  which has the most adorable packaging I have ever seen.


◦◦ Best Bits ◦◦

Brand selection: We love that you can select the brand of tampons and sanitary towels you receive.  So if you are used to using a certain one, you don’t have to change your habit. Also, the brands are well known and reputable.

Price: You get excellent value for money. We think the price point for the Pink Parcel is phenomenal.

Tweens & Teens: We think this box is especially perfect for tweens and teens. I know I would have loved to get this box when I first started my period. I lived mostly with my Dad during my youth and I remember feeling all sorts of embarrassed either asking him to go to the shop for me or going myself. The Pink Parcel would have been the transition so much easier.

So not only is this service super practical but it can help to assist young people during what can often be a turbulent and confusing time.

Website: The layout of the website is fantastic and super easy to use.

Packaging: The packaging is really pretty and luxurious. You really do feel a little special when your box arrives.

The Pink Parcel take everything into consideration so you don’t have to. You don’t have to go out and buy extra or special pads for nighttime because they have it all in the bag.

Vouchers: There was also a little envelope inside the box which had a couple of vouchers or information about special offers. We thought this was a really nice touch.

| Final Thoughts |

Overall we thought the Pink Parcel was fantastic, and excellent value for money. It is extremely convenient, and because there is always a little something just for you, it reminds you to take the time to wind down during your time of the month.

The products that are included in the box are great quality from great brands. This is definitely a subscription service you should consider for yourself or to even gift for a friend. It is also an excellent choice if you have a daughter too. Not only will it make them feel special, alleviate any embarrassment, but it also opens up the topic for discussion in a really nice way.

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