The Seven Golden Rules Of Being Someone’s Maid-Of-Honor

As the name would suggest, it is a massive honor when someone asks you to be their maid-of-honor. When one of your best friends...

As the name would suggest, it is a massive honor when someone asks you to be their maid-of-honor. When one of your best friends is about to marry someone, they might ask you to take on this crucial role. If it is the first time that you have taken on such a responsibility, you need to know what the ground rules are. As the head bridesmaid, there is a whole load of things that you need to do to make sure everything goes to plan. Read the seven golden rules of being a maid-of-honor so that you get everything just right.

Rule 1 – Listen to the bride

This rule is probably the most important of them all. When you are helping the bride to plan her special day, what she says goes. You need to make sure that you listen to what she says so that you can help her in any way she needs. There will be a lot of late night planning sessions and dress fittings to attend. You need to be there for all the important moments.


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Rule 2 – Give honest, constructive advice

When you are helping, you need to give your bride some honest advice. For example, if you are looking around wedding dress shops there is no harm in telling her what you think of each gown. If you are something of a fashionista, you could give her some useful advice about what dress will suit her. You need to be patient when shopping. Remember, she wants everything to be perfect, and that takes time.

Rule 3 – Organize the tiny details

A bride has loads of different things to organize for her special day. If you want to be a real help to her, you can take on some of her duties. Whether it is speaking to a flower company or calling up a venue, there are loads of little things you can do to help. The less the bride has to worry about, the calmer she will be.

Rule 4 – Be supportive and helpful

Above all, you need to be a supportive friend during this time. Preparing for a wedding can be wonderful, but it can also be a little stressful. If your friend needs to talk, you need to be there to listen to her and help her out in any way she needs. Tell her that she can call you at anytime – day or night. She will appreciate that more than anything else.

Rule 5 – Remember this is not your special day

Sometimes, when you are helping to plan a wedding, you forget that it is not your special day. Remember, your friends gets the final say on everything because this is her day. Don’t be a diva and try to tell her what she needs to do. It is not fair of you to dictate to her what she can and can’t do on her wedding day.

Rule 6 – Plan an incredible bachelorette party

As you probably know, one of your main duties will be to plan the bachelorette party for your friend. This party is a final send-off for your friend before she becomes someone’s wife. That is why you need to ensure that you make the night super special for her. Spend loads of time getting everything just right for this event.

Rule 7 – Help calm any last minute nerves

Right before the bride walks down the aisle, she might get a sudden bout of last minute nerves. That is completely normal. Since her husband-to-be will be standing at the front of the church, you need to to be the one to help her calm down. Have a pep talk ready so that, if she does get cold feet, you can help her through it.

It is a great pleasure to be someone’s maid-of-honor, and so you should feel proud of yourself. Starting helping out now so that you can be the best bridesmaid ever!


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