Meet Ellie. She’s been married to Jack for seven years, has two occasionally-adorable-but-mostly-demanding children and is about to open a café with her friend, Tilda. But Jack is a soap actor whose long-running character has been killed off, leaving him hanging around the house and getting under the feet of Petra, an au pair too glamorous for her own good – even if she is a dab hand with glitter and glue. Meanwhile Ellie’s excitement about the café is making her marriage seem dreary in comparison and when the gorgeous Mark moves in next door (with a wife in tow, admittedly) she asks herself when she and Jack went past their sell-by-date. How can she put the sizzle back into her love life without breaking the rules? And is there really something better out there – or is she just scratching a classic seven year itch?

What Girlie Gossip Thought…

The Seven Year Itch by Kate Morris is a tale that is by turn bleak and funny. Kate Morris draws a sympathetic portrait of a marriage that is truly past its honeymoon years and offers real insight and genuinely funny observations on what ‘real’ marriage is like!

A great mix of humour and domestic drama that could easily give Desperate Housewives a run for its money!

Released May 7th

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