The Sole of Spring Summer


This month, at the peak of spring, fashion is at its best, with new ideas and possibilities being clubbed together to create crazy, yet lovable trends. But it’s not just versatile clothing that has made itself known, shoes are at their best too, with exciting new styles accompanying the old faithfuls to spice it up this spring/summer.gladiator

Five years ago the thought of wearing a gladiator sandal was unheard of and frankly repulsed most fashionistas, for its manly, biblical and generally unflattering physique. But like seasons, trends change and we find ourselves now embracing the gladiator sandal with open arms. Not only are styles slightly varied with contrasting strap patterns, but colours have also widened in choice. Metallics and brights have found their way into the gladiator look, alongside the traditional black and tan. Studs, big buckles, small buckles, tie ups, tassles, fancy things – gladiators are no longer basic, lifeless footwear. If you’re feeling extra daring, the high leg gladiator sandal could be for you, with its long ties to wrap around your legs. You can find gladiator sandals in most high street shops at the moment; New Look, Topshop, River Island. Out with the flipflop, in with the sandal!

Seen on catwalks by the likes of Dior and photographed on stars such as Mischa Barton, cage shoes seem to be the new rage, albeit a bit rebellious and impractical. But since when has that ever stopped a trend from blooming? With their complex design and structural image, cage shoes aren’t for the traditional fashionistas. Usually in the style of a boot, they are mostly known in their leather or plastic form and in the chic monochromes of black and white. YSL’s cage boot is a little fancier than the average cage boot, and comes with ribbons and a less masculine design. They may look impractical but they have their very own air holes for our sweaty feet this summer; nay to foot imprints in our favourite stilettos, yay to our breathing feet!

Fringes and tassles have been in the fashion spotlight a lot in the past few months, within clothing, bags and shoes. From the rodeo cowgirl look to the slightly more elite look, tassled shoes have really taken off. First the dusty tassled ankle boot arrived, flat and comfortable yet subtly stylish, especially in black and tan. Then came the tassled platform shoe, a favourite in Topshop especially, in taupe and dusky pink colours for a classy look. Now not only in heels and boots has this trend emerged, but New Look has followed up with suede pumps that resemble moccasins, but with a slightly cooler edge.


The tribal trend has made its way colourfully onto the catwalk and into the shops this season, most noticeably in shoes. With tribal prints such as the old leopard print, feathers, beads, interweaved Indian stripes, coloured string and other attached jewelled items, the tribal shoe reminds us of a cut and stick textiles project, just with more class and actual wearability. Inable to make a girl feel anything but happiness and glee, the tribal designs are inspired, exciting and unique and attract looks from all directions. With all the essence of true tribal culture, matched with today’s glamour and favourite styles, the tribal shoe is a stand out piece. Perfect for a holiday vibe, this year we won’t just be cracking out our shades; make room for the tribal shoe.

Not only has fashion taken a look back into trend history, with tassles and gladiator sandals, it has also taken a leap into the future. Metallic’s are a favourite for summer at the moment and luckily they come in every style and shape you can imagine. A best seller in colour and image, it’s guaranteed that metallics shine no matter where they are. We’ve all encountered the typical gold or silver pumps, but designers such as Christian Louboutin [our fantasy best friend] are taking it a step further, with sequinned or mirror-esq shoes, perfect for dancing the night away. For less of a dazzle factor but still a futuristic vibe, there are a selection of shoes combining two materials to create less of a spaceman look. Gucci have introduced metallic bronze platforms, with a giant wooden platform that cater to both metallics and stylishness. So we can all shine all day and night, no matter where we are or what we’re doing! [and that includes prancing around in your kitchen, no one will ever know, strut it diva!]

By Sarah Kwong

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