The Taste of Luxury Heaven’s Swiss Chocolate Bars


Nestle Heaven introduces into their collection the definitive and most decadent Swiss chocolate that every woman has been waiting for: the 70% cocoa dark and milk chocolate bars made with only the highest quality cocoa beans.

As chic as it is enticing, Heaven’s new premium Swiss chocolate bars comes in two delectable flavours to compliment your individual style and taste: silky smooth milk chocolate crafted from a unique cocoa and milk blend recipe for a relaxed, laid back flavour, or a rich dark chocolate containing 70% cocoa solids, guaranteeing a lingering taste of luxury.

Lovingly crafted in the Gruyere valley in Switzerland from the finest ingredients, these decadent slim line bars will slip easily into your handbag… but they needn’t remain hidden. Heaven’s Swiss chocolate bars are the must have accessories you’ll be lusting after for seasons to come.

So whether you’re kicking off your Louboutins after a gruelling day in the office, or rejoicing that the kids have finally gone to bed, why not break off a piece or two and savour a taste of luxury from Heaven.

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