One my favourite book’s of all time has been made into a big screen production and words cannot express the worry of how I thought it would be portrayed. Would the characters be glowing with chemistry and love? Would it be dark and unnerving? Would it bring numbness, followed by hysterical sadness and then, hours later when I had recovered, admiration for the author just like the book did?..

The answer to all those questions is YES.

Clare, (played by Rachel McAdams) first meets Henry (Eric Bana) when she is 6 years old; she spends her childhood looking forward to the days he materializes in the meadow at the bottom of her garden. Henry tells her in the future they are friends. At the age of 20, with no clue to Henry’s surname, his job or any information that could cause her to find him without fate taking it’s course, she finally meets the love of her life in his present. Now she faces a battle everyday to deal with her only love disappearing rather than appearing.

Before Claire, Henry lived a life of regret, fear, alcoholism and uncontrolled time travelling, but all of a sudden here is this beautiful woman that already loves him and makes him feel safe, at last there is one constant thing in Henry’s life, love. Time Travelling is a dangerous lifestyle, bringing anxiety and tragedy into their lives, now Clare wants to take their love further but will his curse allow it?

The film was a mixture of “The Notebook” plus “Signs” plus “Armageddon”, there were moments when I cried till my tears ran out, when I laughed out loud and when tingles ran up my spine and through my hair. Don’t be fooled by the trailer portraying a lovely-dovey, rom-com, its goes far deeper, darker and much more intense than love on the surface; it explores how love really can concur all, through the good and through the very bad.

Robert Schwentke, the director, created a good balance of love and fear in a fast paced rollercoaster! Due to the time travelling, the film spans over 30 years – something which Bana and McAdams made it so easy to follow. You knew exactly when Henry was suppose to be middle-aged and you knew when he was in his 20s, it wasn’t just good make-up or grey hair that created this illusion, it was told through the stages of their relationship and their remarkable acting talent. Of course, a film will never be exactly like the novel but it is a clear, interesting and unique interpretation of it that brings the book to life in the best possible way. This is a film that will stay with you forever, just like the novel. It is hard-hitting, adorable and shocking all at the same time.

This is a great movie to enjoy a night out with your friends, a date with your workmates or cuddle up to with you’re a partner, either way it will definitely give you an emotional release and I dare any girl to wear mascara to this movie and leave without it smeared down her cheeks. If you love romance with a twist you will love this film; if you love sci-fi filled with darkness you will love it; but if you love action films perhaps give it a miss!

As always, enjoy!

Anna-Louise x

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