Chunky wintertime accessories are stylish, with bold colours hitting the High Street year on year. They are timeless too; stalwart items that are called upon as soon as the dreaded chill factor kicks in. So as frost coats the ground, leave your house feeling toasty warm; ready to fight the winter blues head on.




Scarves are a trusty winter staple that never go out of fashion. Woollen varieties wrapped around the neck keeps out even the most persistent winter breezes. Scarves are designed in all manner of colour combinations. They instantly lighten a dark morning with candy stripes and animal prints. Or a demure single-toned style to suit a sombre work suit or more formal occasion.

Indoors, scarves continue to keep us toasty warm. Swap a heavy woollen type for a silk or cotton variety. These thin scarves are a sophisticated accessory that look good while still keeping drafts at bay.


Gloves are the traditional cold-fighting partner of the scarf. Indeed, a matching glove and scarf set are a common winter sight. Woollen and leather gloves are essential for preventing fingers from becoming stiff and numb. Mittens are cosy for all the fingers although can impede the ability to handle things with finesse! Ideal for building snowmen, less so for driving a car. Fingerless gloves are the best friend of pram-pushers and market traders. Leather gloves are stylish chill resistors while satin gloves are an essential must-have for the winter bride.


Leather, fur-lined or suede. Boots are a true companion for our feet during those winter months. They are essential for enjoying bracing walks in the snow and ice. They keep feet protected from frostbite and chilblains. Cushioned by thick socks, winter boots are a firm winter wardrobe staple. Flat heeled boots add extra rigidity on icy pavements. Elegant, high heeled boots provide a warm, yet stylish foot wear item for the office.


Skimpy undergarments are no match for cold snaps. However, don’t reach for the long johns just yet! Undergarments can be warm and pretty too. Refuse to compromise with greying vests and unflattering thermal underwear. Seek out on-trend brands like Ambra Underwear and don’t allow the winter to interfere with good fashion sense!


Thick woollen tights are a dream item for chilly legs! Available in a range of contemporary colours, tights aren’t only favoured by the older lady. They have captured a young following as thick tights are seen paraded on the catwalks offsetting stylish outfits. Patterned and bold, warm tights are a fashion statement for many. They bring colour to dark winter clothes while adding much-needed warmth. On really cold days, wear beneath floor-length skirts. Or even trousers.


Cotton and wool are common materials used for fashioning socks. Eschewed in the summer, socks come back to the front of dresser drawers in the winter months. Knee-length socks bring back memories of childhood. These childish favourites are kitsch for young women now too. Whether ankle or long-length, socks are a treat for toes.

Rock the Pippi Longstocking look with pride this winter and keep out the cold with stylish accessories.

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