Now in its fifth year Chocolate Week is the UK’s biggest chocolate event – a week long celebration of fine chocolate with talks, tastings and demonstrations taking place around the country. Chocolate Week promotes the exceptional chocolatiers we now have in the UK, the fantastic chocolates they produce and encourages people to visit our wonderful, indulgent chocolate shops.

All of the country’s finest chocolatiers and chocolate shops are taking part in the week, which runs from 13th to 19th October with events taking place at participating venues. Foodies and chocoholics will be able to meet the chocolatiers, make chocolate, view chocolate sculptures and fountains, listen to the experts at talks and demonstrations and, most important of all, indulge in some of the finest chocolate they will ever taste including new chocolates created exclusively for Chocolate Week.

Events organised so far include chocolate & tequila tasting with, chocolate & wine tastings, a chocolate & cheese tasting and chocolate & port tastings. Paul A Young is collaborating with Almeida restaurant to create a chocolate themed menu, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society are holding their own chocolate & whisky tasting event and The Academy of Chocolate are hosting an exclusive dinner. Chantal Coady from Rococo will be giving a talk on growing cocoa in Grenada and there’ll be tours around London’s best chocolate shops. These events and many more will be listed on the Chocolate Week website in the coming weeks .

Chocolatiers and shops such as L’artisan du Chocolat, Chococo, Damian Allsop Chocolates, Demarquette, Divine Chocolate, Gorvett & Stone, La Maison du Chocolat, Neuhaus, Hotel Chocolat, Harrods, Melt, Paul A Young, Rococo, Seventypercent, William Curley and many more take part holding their own events, promotions and tastings.

The British public have a greater appreciation for quality chocolate than ever before. Chocolate Week provides an opportunity to learn about and indulge in real chocolate – from health benefits to quality ingredients that produce subtle textures, innovative flavours and creative designs, which help us to choose and enjoy fine chocolate in the same way we do fine wine.

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