The Ultimate Wedding Beauty Checklist

The final countdown to your big day has begun, and your attention is now on making yourself look utterly stunning! To help you with...

The final countdown to your big day has begun, and your attention is now on making yourself look utterly stunning! To help you with the beautification process, we have created this ultimate wedding beauty checklist that you can work your way through on the lead up to the special day.




  • Exfoliate

As soon as you can, start exfoliating your skin and continue this regime all the way to your big day. Do this gently to avoid irritating your skin and causing it to go red. Concentrate on areas that will be on show, like your shoulders, back and arms.

  • Moisturise

Help your skin to look its best with regular application of a good quality body moisturiser. Use this product after every time you shower and exfoliate to restore the moisture and leave your skin looking and feeling soft.

  • Bronze

If you plan on bronzing up for your big day – whether at home or professionally – it’s a good idea to try your options out in advance so you can choose the right one for you.

  • Facial

A facial not only completely relaxes you, but it also nourishes your skin and makes it glow. Visit a reputable salon and make sure you to discuss with your therapist your skin type and any problems so they can give you the best and most suitable treatment.

  • Skin concerns

If you have any problem areas with your skin that you are self-conscious about deal with them now! For example, you may wish to organise a meeting with a dermatologist to discuss these issues. Or, if you have any tattoos that you do not want to be exposed on your wedding day, you may wish to think about tattoo removal if so.




  • Condition

Start using conditioning treatment on your hair a month or so before your wedding to ensure your locks looks luscious on the day.

  • Cut

Close to your wedding day, book in your a hair appointment. Ask your hairdresser to cut split ends and generally tidy things up. You may also wish to refresh the colour with dye or highlights.

  • Hair removal

Decide which hair removal technique you will use. You may wish to try a few out as some methods can cause irritation. If you are using laser or waxing, allow a couple of days, so any redness or swelling has passed.




  • Manicure

A lot of brides opt for a French manicure because it creates a classic and elegant look. However, don’t be afraid to add a little colour if you want to. You may wish to pick a shade from your bridal bouquet or one that is in keeping with your wedding theme. The later you leave your manicure the better as they will look fresh on the day and will last during your honeymoon!

  • Pedicure

Even if your feet are to be covered by your dress and shoes all day, it will still make you feel glamorous and pampered to have freshly manicured feet and toenails. You may wish to match your toes with your hands, or go for something natural. If your heels will also be exposed, make sure they are soft and crack-free.

Thanks for reading brides-to-be. Have a wedding beautiful day!

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