The Vampire Diaries: Hot Hybrids!

As The Vampire Diaries: Season 3 arrives on DVD on 20th August; we wanted to take a look at the Hybrids that are shaking up Mystic Falls….
For anyone that has missed out on The Vampire Diaries so far, a Hybrid is a supernatural crossbreed between two different species, a werewolf and a vampire. They are the most powerful of all he creatures as they have both vampire and lycanthrope powers.

The main supernatural features of the Hybrids are as follows :

• Super strength
• Super speed
• Super agility
• Super healing
• Super senses
• Super durability

Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan)

Klaus is the first vampire/werewolf hybrid in Mystic Falls, after he was conceived when his mother had an affair with a man from a different species. As a hybrid he was much more powerful than his siblings and father, but his mother cast a spell on him to restrain his werewolf side and stop him from changing. He used various women within the series to try and break the curse, including Katerina and witch Greta. He succeeded in changing into a wolf, and later found that he could change at will.

• He is more powerful than any other Hybrid because he is an Original and is over 1000 years old
• Unlike the other Vampires, he cannot be killed by the dagger rubbed in white oak ash
• He can also force other Vampires to do what he says

Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino)

Tyler is a Hybrid who also attends Mystic Falls High School. He was originally a werewolf, until he was successfully changed by Klaus. Although originally a very angry young boy, he learned from his uncle how to successfully control the anger from his Werewolf gene.

If you fancy watching these hot boys strut their stuff then make sure that you catch The Vampire Diaries: Season 3 out on DVD on 20th August.

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